Application process

Eligibility and application process

The steps below outline the process for your child to take part in a Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance program.


Explore our programs and opportunities

There are a variety of programs and opportunities available. You may want to review all the options before submitting an application to ensure they match your child's skills and circumstances.

View our programs and opportunities.


Apply for your child to be considered

There are various activities involved in the application and selection process. Read our Applicant Guidelines for the application and selection process. 



The Academic Selective Entrance Test is used for selection into our programs. Get to know about the structure of the tests, access the sample test and read some tips for your child prior to the test. 

Find out about the testing process.


Performance reports and offers of placement

After you child has completed the ASET you will receive a performance report. You may also receive an Offer of Placement into a program.

Find out about the report and offer process.

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