Our organisation

Ensuring a high quality education for all Western Australian students.

We work to deliver our aspirations across 6 key objectives

We work to deliver our aspirations across 6 key objectives

Safe, healthy and resilient learners

Students are healthy and resilient, and all schools and learning environments are child safe organisations.

Strong partnerships and collaboration

Schools, school sectors and systems work together to improve outcomes for all students.

Good governance

Schools and school systems are governed effectively to ensure appropriate standards are delivered.

Effective leadership

School leaders have high aspirations for their students and teachers, and drive improvement in student outcomes using evidence-based practice.

High quality teaching

All teachers are supported, developed and challenged to be their best and to deliver differentiated curriculum to students that enhances their learning experiences.

Contemporary curriculum and assessment

Curriculum and assessments meet the needs of students and deliver contemporary learning experiences for students to become confident, creative learners and active, informed citizens.