Standards for non-government schools

Standards for non-government schools

The Minister for Education and Training determines non-government school registration standards.

Non-government schools in Western Australia are required to be registered by the Director General of the Department of Education.

Registration provides assurance to parents and the community that non-government schools meet the standards determined by the Minister and other requirements specified in Part 4 of the School Education Act 1999 and the School Education Regulations 2000.

The Minister for Education determines the registration standards which apply to all non-government schools.

In August 2019 the Minister determined registration standards effective from 1 January 2020. Since then, the Minister has:

  • established standard 4.1(c) to explicitly require compliance with any COVID-19 direction issued by the Chief Health Officer which relates to a non-government school (1 January 2022); and
  • amended the definition of a reportable incident (1 July 2022).

The guide sets out and explains the registration standards and other requirements guiding decisions about the registration of non-government schools.

The registration standards and the information in the guide have been developed in consultation with the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia and Catholic Education Western Australia. The guide has been updated to include further explanatory notes and amendment to Director General considerations effective 1 January 2024.