Concerns about non-government schools

Concerns about non-government schools

If you have a concern about a registered non-government school, contact the school directly first.

Our Non-government School Regulation team monitors non-government schools’ compliance with the registration standards  and other requirements specified in Part 4 of the School Education Act 1999 and the School Education Regulations 2000.

Non-government schools must have a complaint handling system which meets Standard 9 (Complaints) requiring a fair process and the availability of a review. In most schools, the review enables a complainant to escalate an unresolved complaint to the school’s governing body (as in, the board or management committee).

We are unable to intervene in a complaint or to override a school’s decision. However, information provided by a member of the public may be considered in monitoring schools’ compliance with the registration standards.

If you are concerned about the wellbeing of a child or children, contact the Western Australia Police Force or the Department of Communities – Child Protection and Family Support immediately.

A concern about a non-government school must first be raised with the school in accordance with the school’s complaints management system. If unresolved, it can be escalated using the school’s review process.

If the concern remains unresolved, you can report it to us. A report must be made using the Report a concern form and include details of:

  • the name, address and contact details of the person making the report
  • the individual(s) or organisation to whom the report relates
  • the issue or matter being reported
  • how the matter has been brought to the school’s and governing body’s attention and of any response
  • an account of any other action already taken in relation to the matter.

Submit your form to

We will assess whether the report indicates that a non-government school may be non-compliant with one or more of the registration standards and/or other requirements.

We may make enquiries with the school or may contact the person who made the report for further information if necessary. In order to do so, we will usually provide the school with information contained in the report.

If a school is found to be non-compliant, compliance action may be taken.

In most circumstances, confidentiality provisions in the School Education Act 1999 limits information that can be provided to a complainant in respect of compliance action that has or maybe taken in respect of a school.

See more about making a complaint about a public school.

Concerns about early childhood services may be referred to the Department of Communities.

For further information about reporting a concern about a non-government school please contact:

Non-government School Regulation
T: 9441 1905