Building our schools

School site planning

We are committed to planning, building, maintaining and improving public schools in Western Australia. This work will provide the best learning environments to prepare young people to succeed.

School site planning

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC), in partnership with Department of Education, has released an updated operational planning policy, OP2.4 – Planning for School Sites.

The policy came into effect on 13 December 2022.

This policy replaces the WAPC’s Development Control Policy 2.4 – School Sites 1998 to reflect current planning practice, improve strategic school site planning, address known issues on locational and physical site requirements for schools, and to provide clarity and transparency on the developer contribution methodology for public primary schools and how it is applied.

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Primary schools

New primary schools

Wellard East Primary School (planning name) 
  • Will provide relief enrolment for Wellard Primary School
  • Capacity for 540 students
  • Located in the south metropolitan education region
Wungong (Precinct F) Primary School (planning name)
  • Will cater to families in the growing suburb of Hilbert
  • Capacity for 540 students
  • Located in the south metropolitan education region
Eglinton South West Primary School (planning name) 
  • Located in Eglinton
  • Will provide enrolment relief to the growing Shorehaven Primary School
  • Will include an education support facility for approximately 50 additional students with classrooms, low stimulus rooms and therapy and sensory rooms
Brabham East Primary School (planning name)
  • Located in Brabham
  • Will provide enrolment relief for nearby Brabham Primary School
  • Space has been set aside on this site for a third party to build and operate a facility that offers long day care and before and after school care
Henley Brook Primary School 
  • Located in Henley Brook
  • Will cater for 430 students
Jilbup Primary School
  • Located in Hammond Park
  • Will cater for 430 students
Landsdale Gardens Primary School
  • Located in Landsdale
  • Opening to students in 2023
  • Will cater for 540 students
  • Eases pressure on nearby schools Carnaby Rise Primary School, Landsdale Primary School and Ashdale Primary School
Madora Bay Primary School
  • Located in Madora Bay
  • Opening to students in 2023
  • Eases pressure on nearby schools
Dayton Primary School
  • Located in Dayton
  • Opening to students in 2023
  • Eases pressure on nearby schools
Wellard Village Primary School
  • Permanent capacity for 650 students
Shorehaven Primary School 
  • Located in the northern area of Alkimos
  • Permanent capacity for 650 students
Burns Beach Primary School 
  • Permanent capacity for 430 students
Riva Primary School
  • Located in Piara Waters
  • Permanent capacity for 540 students
  • Includes education support facilities for children with special learning needs
Treeby Primary School
  • Permanent capacity for 540 students
Brabham Primary School
  • Lakefield Drive, Brabham
  • Opening to students in 2021
  • Classrooms for 540 students 
  • eases pressure on nearby schools in the City of Swan
North Harrisdale Primary School
  • Reilly Road, Harrisdale
  • Opening Kindergarten to Year 6 in 2021
  • Classrooms for 540 students 
  • Eases enrolment pressure on nearby Harrisdale Primary School
Pine View Primary School
  • Nairn Drive, Baldivis
  • Opening to students in 2021
  • Classrooms for 430 students 
  • Eases pressure on Tuart Rise Primary School
Yanchep Rise Primary School
  • 35 Sunningdale Road, Yanchep
  • Opening to students in 2021
  • Classrooms for 430 students
Yarralinka Primary School
  • 134 Matison Street, Southern River
  • Kindergarten and Pre-primary facilities open in 2021
  • Classrooms for 540 students when Stage 2 opens in 2023
  • Eases pressure on schools in Southern River


Secondary schools

New secondary schools

Piara Waters Senior High School
  • Stage 1 will include an administration building, student services area, library, general learning areas, food and technology classrooms, hard courts and an oval
  • Facilities will accommodate 750 students and 50 education support students
  • Stage 1 will also include a specialist education support centre, in addition to specialist education support classrooms throughout the school, for students with special education needs
  • An education support centre will consist of four classrooms, independent skills room, sensory room, therapy room and multipurpose learning areas
  • Stage 1 will open for Year 7 students at the start of the 2023 school year
Alkimos College
  • Major new school for growing northern corridor
  • The first stage, worth $48.4 million, was completed by late 2019
  • Opened to Year 7 students in 2020
Bob Hawke College
  • Kitchener Park, Subiaco 
  • Stage 1 opened for 250 Year 7 students in 2020
  • Stage 2 expanding to accommodate 2000 Year 7 to 12 students by 2025
  • Offers a Gifted and Talented academic program with the first intake of 32 Year 7 selective students in 2020
  • Easily accessible by public transport
  • Situated in an area of high projected population growth
  • Eases enrolment pressure on Churchlands Senior High School, Shenton College and Mount Lawley Senior High School

Find out more about western suburbs local-intake areas and Stage 2 construction.

Hammond Park Secondary College
  • Major new school for growing southern corridor
  • Opened in 2020 catering for Year 7 students
  • Stage 2 opening in 2023
  • Specialist facilities including science and food laboratories
  • Specialist sporting facilities including fitness centre, football oval, hockey and soccer field, and hard courts

This school is designed, built, financed and maintained under a WA Government Public Private Partnership.