School psychologist salaries

School psychologist salaries

Learn about salaries for school psychologists working in WA public schools.

If you are a psychologist with provisional registration, your starting salary is at Level 1.1. You will receive an annual increment until you reach Level 1.3 or are awarded general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia.

If you are a psychologist with general registration, your starting salary is at Level 2.1, with an annual increment each year to Level 2.6.

Your work experiences and previous qualifications may be considered when determining your starting salary.

School psychologists at level 2.6 can progress to a senior school psychologist, on demonstration of Phase 2 of the Competency Framework for School Psychologists.

Lead school psychologists support the professional practice of school psychologists in over 800 public schools and specialist settings. They also have a key role at a region and system level, working with directors of education to provide advice on the most complex situations.

School psychologists working in regional areas may be eligible for additional allowances and benefits. 

Refer to the following table for school psychologist levels and salaries (as per the School Education Act Employees' (Teacher and Administrators) General Agreement 2021).

Level Salary


1.2 $87,789
1.3 $92,272
2.1 $96,747
2.2 $101,221
2.3 $108,513
2.4 $113,344
2.5 $117,734
2.6 $122,135
Senior school psychologist (Year 1) $131,582
Senior school psychologist (Year 2) $134,404
Lead school psychologist $144,817