School data and performance

School data and performance

Every year data is collected relating to schools, students and staff throughout the Western Australian education system.

A student census is taken within the first few weeks of each semester. The data is used for reporting and statistical purposes and is made available in various reports, summaries and extracts.

You can find a directory of all public schools and information about individual schools, including school annual reports and student results, on Schools Online.

After the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) we publish a summary report for the performance of Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students in Western Australian public schools.

Student census data reports

You will find reports, maps and other resources about students and schools in Western Australia in the following sections. If you can’t find the data you need, email your requirements to

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the explanation of terms for reports.

The interactive maps show the locations of our schools across Western Australia. The csv files also have contact details and student numbers.

This data lists all the public and non-government schools in the state.

They are updated daily around 12:00 pm. 

Contact details for educational regional offices are available on the contact page.

Summary statistics of schools and full-time students filtered by metropolitan, country and combined are available in PDF format. Reports are generated following the census each semester.

Number of primary and full-time secondary students over the past 10 years – by school education (public and non-government) sector and year level. 

Number of schools and primary and full-time secondary students – by education level, education region and school education (public and non-government) sector.

Number of Aboriginal primary and full-time secondary students – by education level, education region, school education (public and non-government) sector, and public school.

The following CSV files contain 2 data sets: all students and Aboriginal students.

Number (full-time equivalent, or FTE) of school-based teaching staff in the public school sector – by category of staff and education level.

Explanation of terms for reports

The following terms are used within the census reports:

  • KIN = Kindergarten year level
  • PRP = Compulsory year level (Pre-primary)
  • Y01-Y12 = Year 1 to Year 12
  • UPR = Ungraded primary
  • USE = Ungraded secondary.

There are different school types in the Western Australian education system.

  • Primary schools
  • District high schools = usually Kindergarten to Year 10
  • High schools = Year 7 to Year 10
  • Senior high schools = Year 7 to Year 12
  • Senior colleges = Year 10 to Year 12
  • Senior campuses = Year 11 and Year 12
  • School of Isolated and Distance Education = SIDE
  • Education support schools and centres
  • Community kindergartens
Non-government schools
  • Primary schools
  • Primary and secondary schools = usually Kindergarten to Year 10 or 12
  • Secondary schools
  • Independent pre-schools