STEM in early childhood

STEM in early childhood

The experiences children have during the early years are extremely important. As your child’s first teacher, your role is vital in creating opportunities that promote learning in a fun and safe environment.

You can help your child by creating a home environment that fosters curiosity and questioning through play.

You can help introduce key STEM skills by teaching them to:

  • ask questions
  • work together
  • think creatively
  • solve problems
  • explore and take calculated risks
  • test solutions to problems
  • discover new ways of doing things.

There are lots of exciting things you can do at home or when you are out, making learning enjoyable for everyone.

By encouraging your child to ask questions, you are allowing them to take an active role in their own learning and helping them understand the world around them.

When children ask questions, they are developing their critical thinking skills and building their STEM capabilities. When they ask Why? try to not provide the answer. Instead, respond with alternative questions and ideas, and encourage them to search for answers and solutions themselves.

We have created a resource that is full of activities you and your child can do together to help them develop valuable STEM skills.