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New secondary schools

Alkimos College
  • major new school for growing northern corridor.
  • the first stage, worth $48.4 million, was completed by late 2019
  • opened to Year 7 students in 2020.
Bob Hawke College
  • Kitchener Park, Subiaco 
  • Stage 1 opened for 250 Year 7 students in 2020
  • Stage 2 expanding to accommodate 2000 Year 7 to 12 students by 2025
  • offers a Gifted and Talented academic program with the first intake of 32 Year 7 selective students in 2020
  • easily accessible by public transport
  • situated in an area of high projected population growth
  • eases enrolment pressure on Churchlands Senior High School, Shenton College and Mount Lawley Senior High School.

Find out more about western suburbs local-intake areas and Stage 2 construction.

Hammond Park Secondary College
  • major new school for growing southern corridor
  • opened in 2020 catering for Year 7 students
  • Stage 2 opening in 2023
  • specialist facilities including science and food laboratories
  • specialist sporting facilities including fitness centre, football oval, hockey/soccer field and hard courts.

This school is designed, built, financed and maintained under a State Government Public Private Partnership.

Piara Waters Secondary College (planning name)
  • Stage 1 will include an administration building, student services area, library, general learning areas, food and technology classrooms, hard courts and an oval
  • Facilities will accommodate 750 students and 50 education support students
  • Stage 1 will also include a specialist education support centre, in addition to specialist education support classrooms throughout the school, for students with special education needs
  • An education support centre will consist of four classrooms, independent skills room, sensory room, therapy room and multipurpose learning areas
  • Stage 1 will open for Year 7 students at the start of the 2023 school year.