Mobile phones

Mobile phones

The Student Mobile Phones in Public Schools policy took effect from the start of Term 1, 2020.

The policy requires all public schools to implement a ban on the use of mobile phones for all students from the time they arrive at school to the end of the school day. This extends to the use of smart watches which need to be on airplane mode during this period. The policy aims to reduce distractions in class and improve student engagement.

Under the policy:

  • Primary students cannot have a mobile phone in their possession. If your child is in Kindergarten to Year 6 and they bring a mobile phone to school, it will be stored until the end of school.
  • Students in Years 7 to 12 are allowed to have their phone in their possession, but must turn it off and keep it out of sight until the end of school.

Exceptions are allowed for students who have approval from the principal to use a phone to monitor health conditions, or where teachers give students permission to use mobile phones for a specific purpose.

If students need to contact their parents/carers, they can do so through the school’s administration. Likewise, if parents/carers need to get a message to their children, they should call the school.

Principals and school staff determine how they implement this policy. For more information, contact your school.

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