Bob Hawke College

Students will benefit from strong connections fostered with local business and industry, universities and training providers.

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Bob Hawke College

More than 250 Year 7 students made history on Monday 3 February 2020 as they walked through the doors of the newly completed Bob Hawke College.

As the College’s foundation year, these students have the unique opportunity to set the standard for all those who follow. They will have access to cutting edge technology in state-of-the-art surroundings and world class facilities.

There are many individuals and teams of people from across Government and private organisations that have played important roles in delivering Western Australia’s first high-density public secondary school. These include architects, builders, landscape designers, planners, surrounding primary school principals, the College advisory committee, the Whadjuk working group and the local community. Their combined efforts have produced a truly outstanding building.

The school motto “Extraordinary Together” has underpinned all that has already been done at the College – appointment of teaching staff, designing the curriculum and involving students who will soon take the first step in their College journey.  “Extraordinary” is about students, staff and parents being the best version they can be as they undertake this journey together. “Together’ is about being inclusive, not exclusive; outwardly focussed and global thinkers. The motto will continue to drive the direction of the College long into the future.

The College will be a central hub for the Subiaco community. With shared facilities, such as Subiaco Oval and the College’s playing courts and gymnasium, it will play an integral role in creating opportunities to unite the community. Students will benefit from strong connections fostered with local business and industry, universities and training providers.

With a population of young people full of aspirations, ideas and energy, the College will add to the vibrancy of Subiaco.

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Meet our foundation principal, John Burke.

Mr Burke brings his extensive experience in education leadership and reform to the important role of foundation principal.

He has worked tirelessly towards shaping the direction and vision of the school, preparing it for its first students in 2020.


Bob Hawke College logo

The highly dynamic motif represents growth, energy and progress.

The three concentric circles embody the three spheres in which Bob Hawke College operates:

  • the Subiaco community and heritage, represented in red;
  • the College grounds, referenced by the orange in the physical buildings;
  • the connection to the world at large, shown in blue.
Gifted and Talented program

Thirty-two students will be in the school's inaugural academic Gifted and Talented program in 2020.

The program includes scholarships to be provided each year to two gifted and talented regional and remote students in Year 7 to support them throughout their secondary schooling and help them meet their educational goals.

Local intake area for Bob Hawke College

The local intake area for Bob Hawke College, along with amended local intake areas for surrounding schools, is now in place.

Find out more about the local intake areas.

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