Krista Bingham


“School Psychology Service is leading the field of psychology in so many ways and I love the autonomy and ability to contribute to system initiatives that benefit students and wider community.”

Krista had been working as a school psychologist across various schools and leadership teams for a decade before she considered applying for the School Psychology Service development program. “I had seen information about the program but I didn’t have a great understanding of what a Lead School Psychologist (LSP) did, so I was not sure if I was ready and lacked confidence in my ability.”

“This all changed after a conversation with a LSP during a professional development meeting.  I realised I was already seeking out leadership development opportunities in my workplace and this was the next challenge I had been looking for.”

“Initially, I was overwhelmed and thought “there is so much I don’t know and I don’t belong in this development program”.  This all changed after the opportunity to shadow and see first-hand the daily work life of an LSP. I was able to ask a lot of questions and keep a journal of things I noted throughout the experience.”

Once Krista had completed the development program an opportunity arose to be an acting LSP in the North Metro region to cover long service leave, which led to a full time placement in the role.

“I found that the program has given me an increased understanding of the role and I have more confidence in my own ability and readiness to undertake this work. The contacts and connections I made with other participants has created a community rich in knowledge that I can call-on and consult with about various aspects of the role.”

“The learning and resources provided throughout the development program are also invaluable. I still often refer back to the content in my daily work and have applied the leadership knowledge in my other roles.”

As for being a Lead School Psychologist, “the pace is frantic, the learning curve is steep and the breadth of the role is at times terrifying, but there is never a dull moment and it is immensely rewarding to work alongside and learn from talented and supportive colleagues.”