Baldivis Secondary College


Shared benefits through trust and communication

“Our club would not have grown and developed locally without the support of the school. Our partnership has brought unforeseen benefits into our club.”
President, White Knights Baldivis Cricket Club

“The college is a hub within our community, and we have endeavoured to support clubs and community organisations with resources to assist in their work within our community. The partnership with the cricket club continues to provide mutual benefits beyond simply using a portion of our facilities.”
Keith Svendsen, Principal Baldivis Secondary College

Baldivis Secondary College has worked with White Knights Baldivis Cricket Club to develop a formal agreement to use their school facilities for training sessions and match play in the Peel Cricket Association competition.

Some of the reasons this partnership has been successful include, trust and prompt responses from both parties to communications and it provides structured use of the school facilities after hours which has helped reduce vandalism and damage after hours.

“Our students are part of the cricket club and this connection provides them with a greater sense of ownership of the facilities. This improves their engagement and confidence in both the school and cricket settings”, says Principal Keith Svendsen.

The partnership has developed facilities at the school with the club providing turf wicket training nets. They have also provided the schools cricket program with coaching resources, support and assisted with the program’s promotion and sponsored the sports award for our Year 12 students. There are also possibilities to develop further initiatives around mentoring and turf maintenance certificates.

Community benefits include not only a venue to play cricket, but also building a strong connection and support towards the college. This positive connection has helped to create a positive community image.

Top tips for schools and communities considering doing the same:
  • Promote the community use of school facilities often, making it clear that the school values the partnership.
  • Use open and supportive communication based on trust. Any teething problems can be easily sorted out when the school is open with regard to partnerships.
  • Involve the organisers in other initiatives and events in the school.

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