Anthem connects students

Anthem connects students

11 August 2023

Public school life

Sheoak Grove Primary School students deepened their connection with culture and the land after producing their own version of the Australian National Anthem.

The new mix of Advance Australia Fair incorporates on-Country sounds.

The musical project was inspired when the second line of the national anthem was changed from ‘for we are young and free’ to ‘for we are one and free’ in 2021. 

Students listening and recording sounds.

Students across all year groups collaborated on the production of the song with the help of cultural guide and didgeridoo performer, Olman Walley.

"This is something that is going to help connect our school to Country and culture," Sheoak Deputy Principal Rosie Paine said.

"Whether you're Aboriginal, whether you're not Aboriginal, it's important because it's about connecting all of us to the land in which we come from."

During their time on Country, students recorded various sounds that held cultural significance.

These included crashing waves, birds chirping, and the mesmerising sound of the didgeridoo to reflect the beauty and essence of the Australian landscape.

"I can't explain how proud I am of the students and the school to allow our students to develop this project," Mrs Paine said.

"Bringing in their knowledge of what they learned from Olman and our music program to produce the anthem for the whole school is just amazing."

The impact of this project extended far beyond the project group as the students shared their experiences with the entire school community during recent assemblies, fostering pride in their heritage and culture.

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