A place to meet and connect

A place to meet and connect

20 April 2023

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A Great Southern primary school has opened a dedicated Noongar community room to offer a space to yarn, connect and build positive relationships.

Mount Lockyer Primary School’s Noongar community room is designed to be a safe and welcoming multi-functional space where students can access resources, take part in activities and programs, and develop meaningful community connections.

The multi-functional Noongar community room at Mount Lockyer Primary School. 

The room also serves as a meeting place where the local Noongar community can come together for activities such as Elder circles and mothers’ groups.

Mount Lockyer Primary School Aboriginal education lead teacher Cherylene Simpson said the room could be used for homework classes and reading support.

Speaking to the Albany Advertiser, principal Ross Tamlin said the room was for the local Menang people to come together.

“So many of the Elders and their families have been through the school ... they are just so proud of the school and what it’s done for them they just want that to continue for their own grandkids,” he said.

Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer Tammy Woods said the room could be used for a range of programs to bring the school community together.

“It’s a place where they can feel welcome and comfortable within the school,” she said.