STEM Learning Project

STEM Learning Project

STEM Learning Project: Curriculum and professional learning resources

Seventy-five per cent of the jobs in the emerging economy will require critical and creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration supported by literacy in mathematics, science and technology. This is what we call STEM capability. STEM capability is the key to navigating the employment landscape changed by globalisation and digital disruption.

The STEM Learning Project delivers a suite of innovative STEM teaching and professional learning resources that support teachers in all Western Australian schools to implement and extend the Kindergarten to Year 12 Curriculum and develop the general capabilities.

The project consists of curriculum resource modules and professional learning modules for each phase of schooling.

The curriculum resource modules are intended for teachers interested in integrated STEM teaching and learning approaches that engage students in collaborative learning to solve authentic, real world problems.

The professional learning modules are available online for teachers of all year levels to encourage deeper exploration of the pedagogical principles that underpin the curriculum resource modules. 

Learn more about why STEM plays a role in the development of important skill sets for our students in the self-paced, interactive professional learning modules: