There are many different models of snare drums, drum sets and mallet instruments available, ranging from student to professional. Mallet instruments range from glockenspiels to marimbas.

For a beginner percussion student:

  • a pair of drum sticks and a practice pad will be enough for the first 6 months of learning
  • practice pads and mallets can be easily sourced from most music retailers
  • a template of a mallet instrument can be created initially. This allows students to complete coordination exercises, until you have a chance to discuss your own instrument with your child’s teacher.

All percussion students will need to purchase their own mallets and timpani mallets at some point, as they progress through their secondary education pathway.

When your child's teacher informs you it is time for your child to access their own instrument at home, consider:

  • consult with your child’s teacher about sourcing the instrument. There are many brands and models available and the teacher can provide advice about the right item to purchase.
  • drum sets are easily sourced in Perth
  • mallet instruments are often bought online for affordability and fast delivery
  • most second-hand instruments will need to be serviced before use, particularly if drums need new heads (the part you hit). Consider the cost of servicing when you negotiate a price.

Equipment and expenses

Equipment and expenses

Once your child has committed to the music program, you need to make sure your child has all the necessary equipment they need.

Your child will be provided with a student music journal and you need to provide:

  • a tutor book for school
  • a music stand for home
  • a suitable case
  • accessories such as reeds, strings, rosin, cleaning products
  • repairs and maintenance on owned instruments.

Some schools may also charge a small fee to cover costs associated with the program.