Chloe Hosking

Xuất bản thông tin

“I would recommend doing the LEAP program to anyone who wants to specialise in another area.”

Chloe graduated as a secondary science teacher, but soon realised she was passionate about teaching maths and decided to apply for the Leap program. “By doing the course through the Leap program, rather than going on my own and trying to figure out a graduate certificate or a master’s degree, I've been given a lot of support.”

The Leap program provides teachers with relief days and Chloe used these to work through the coursework at a reasonable pace. “The support that I've been given has really helped me to not be overwhelmed by what is quite a big workload, doing three units a semester. So one day a week I take study leave, and get my work done that way”.

Although early in her own career, Chloe believes the Leap program is well suited to all teachers “I feel like it's something you could do at any point in your career for a change and it does give you those skills to be really confident in moving into a different subject area than what you're used to teaching or what your educational background is.”