Brittany Sewell

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"It’s all worth it when you watch student outcomes improve and know that you have made a difference."

School Psychologist

Brittany studied Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education at University of Western Australia.

"As a school psychologist my role is to support students and schools with a wide range of issues.  These include supporting students’ learning, behaviour and mental health needs and supporting schools in responding to critical incidents when they occur.  I work with students directly and in partnership with principals and deputies, parents, chaplains and external agencies.  

"I worked in Kalgoorlie for 3 years with students in primary schools, high schools, remote community schools and an education support centre and now work across 2 primary schools in the Perth metropolitan area.

"When I finished high school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and spent three years working in retail and office administration.  I decided it was time to go to university and decide on a career path when I saw old school mates graduating. I wasn’t sure what career I wished to pursue, but after my first year at university I really enjoyed psychology so decided to explore that field.  

"It was in my honours year that I started to think about a career as a school psychologist.  If I could offer any advice to those considering a career as a school psychologist, I would suggest that you talk to others who are in the role – that really helped me. 

"I know that it sounds clichéd, but what I really love about my job is that every day is different.  I also really appreciate that my work is self-directed. I would say that the role can be quite demanding and that it is important to keep energised and look after yourself.  Of course it’s all worth it when you watch student outcomes improve and know that you have made a difference!"