WA Education Assistant of the Year 2019

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Bridging the gap

Cassandra Wilson, Dawul Remote Community School
WA Education Assistant of the Year 2019

Cassandra Wilson believes the right attitude can lead to amazing things, despite how talented you are.

“Perseverance is a wonderful attitude. Being persistent, determined and having staying power in wanting to achieve or learn can only lead to great things,” Cassandra says.

Providing expert assistance in a remote school in the Doon Doon community, Cassandra is an outstanding role model and educator who recognises the needs of every student.

Cassandra uses her role as an education assistant to inspire minds. She worked one-on-one with a Kindergarten student who was non-verbal and has experienced other learning barriers. Thanks to Cassandra’s work, the student developed their verbal communication skills, could ask questions, express emotions and work alongside others.

Cassandra’s aspiration to become an education assistant began when she had children of her own. She felt great pride and joy watching her eldest child in Kindergarten learn and discover new things.

“I am most passionate about the wellbeing and education of all children, whether they’re the local community kids or transient families that stay for a short while,” she says.

Cassandra believes every child has a right to a good education which makes her determined to make a lasting impact on their lives and future endeavours. She is determined to bridge the gap in Aboriginal education through providing early learning intervention opportunities.

As a parent herself Cassandra advises parents, “Be present. Just ask one question about a child’s day. Praise when they have achieved something, praise when they haven’t.”

“Having high expectations for students ensures they believe someone is barracking for them so they do the same for themselves,” she says.

Cassandra’s love and passion for her job at Dawul Remote Community School in the East Kimberley stems from her motivation to stop kids from falling behind and keeping them on track or get to where they should be.

Her advice to students is to always try your best, ask for help and respect others.

Cassandra exclaims her toughest life lesson that has shaped the pathway of her life is that failing at something is not the end.

“Failure isn’t failure if you’ve already succeeded, accept who you are and put your best foot forward”.

Cassandra has made a lasting impact on staff and the school community.

Dawul Remote Community School principal, Rebecca Bailey says she has a natural skill to build confidence in others by making people feel at ease and allowing them to understand they are in safe hands.

“Cassandra always recognises and celebrates success, which is another reason students love being around her.”

Community members look to Cassandra as a strong role model who is respected in the community as a leader in the early years of learning.

Not only does she make a significant contribution to the education of Aboriginal children, but also to their families.

“She initiated and developed the Family Forum program which provides support to families within the community and makes transitions into high school smoother,” Rebecca says.

“Cassandra’s love for her students, job and the Kimberley are unmistakeable – she is truly an inspirational educator.”

WA Education Assistant of the Year 2019

This award recognises the vital role of education assistants in supporting the learning and wellbeing of students. They assist teachers to deliver education programs and encourage supportive and inclusive learning environments.

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