Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia Annual Report 2019–20

Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia

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This annual report reflects the operations of the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia in regulating the registration and discipline of teachers and accrediting initial teacher education programs.



Letter of transmittal


Ms Lisa Rodgers
Director General
Department of Education

Dear Ms Rodgers

In accordance with section 114 of the Teacher Registration Act 2012, I am pleased to submit the annual report of the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia for the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 for inclusion in the annual report of the Department of Education.

Yours sincerely

Signature of TRBWA's Chairperson, Margaret Collins

Mrs Margaret Collins
Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia

21 August 2020


On behalf of the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia, I am pleased to present the Board’s 2019–20 annual report.

In the reporting period, the Board established its new Strategic Direction 2019-2022. Our vision is a quality and contemporary regulator that operates in the best interests of children.

Like other bodies that are committed to serving the public interest, responding to COVID-19 has presented unique challenges. More than ever, the vital role of teachers in our community has been demonstrated at this time. In the face of these challenges, the Board took action to provide reasonable and proportionate regulatory relief. This included extending the expiration date of all teachers’ registration, giving additional time to teachers for payment of the annual registration fee, and providing greater flexibility for the conduct of practicum placements for students completing their initial teacher education courses.

The Board will continue to work with teachers and employers to ensure teacher registration requirements are well understood, and online systems for teacher registration are easy to navigate and helpful.

The Board values its collaborative engagement with a number of State Government agencies and other authorities that have a focus on the interests of children. This includes the Department of Education, Catholic Education Western Australia and the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia, as well as the Department of Communities, the Commissioner for Children and Young People and the Western Australia Police Force.

I would like to acknowledge the national authorities with whom we work, and our regulatory counterparts around Australia and in New Zealand. Several projects of national significance are continuing related to the registration of teachers, and the accreditation of initial teacher education programs.

One of these is a national project examining the ways in which child safety in schools can be strengthened through teacher registration. The Board’s paramount consideration in the performance of its functions is the best interests of children, and the Board is looking forward to contributing to the development of a national best practice framework in this important area.

The Board, as a regulator of teachers, is provided secretariat support by the Department of Education. I extend my thanks to Ms Lisa Rodgers, the Director General of the Department, for her leadership and the support provided by the Department to the Board. The development this year of a Memorandum of Understanding has helped to clarify and enhance the support provided to the Board to perform its functions and operations as well as its independence.

In this regard, I would also like to acknowledge and thank the Director, Teacher Registration and all of the Directorate staff for their continued commitment to support the Board in line with the core values of integrity, excellence, service, fairness and respect.

Finally, I also express my appreciation to all the Board's members, as well as those who serve on or chair a committee of the Board. I value the commitment, experience and knowledge each member contributes to the Board’s work.

I look forward to continuing to work with the Western Australian education sector in the year ahead to achieve the Board’s vision and to serve the public interest by ensuring the professional, competent and safe practice of teaching.

Signature of TRBWA's Chairperson, Margaret Collins

Mrs Margaret Collins