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Official Air Travel Procedures


These procedures must be read in conjunction with the Official Travel Policy.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all employees.


This policy does not apply to:

  • annual air travel entitlements, travel by cars (use of a department, school or private vehicle for official business), buses or trains; and
  • motor vehicle allowance claims.

3. Procedures

3.1 All Air Travel

Employees must:

  • complete and submit the Travel Application Form (Appendix C) to the authorising officer for approval (see Appendix A for Travel Approval Schedule),
  • and retain the approved original Travel Application Form;
  • prior to travel, forward a copy of the approved Travel Application Form (except for Intrastate Travel) to the Financial Reporting Officer, Financial Accounting and Reporting;
  • include any leave that is to be taken before, during or after official travel in the Travel Application Form (if the leave exceeds four working days in total then only a one way air fare is to be funded by the Department);
  • within two weeks of the date of  return from the trip, complete a Travel Reporting Declaration (Appendix D) and submit (except for Intrastate Travel) to the Financial Reporting Officer, Financial Accounting and Reporting;
  • if travelling overseas and on the request of the approver of the international travel, complete the Statement of Purpose and Benefits to Western Australia (Appendix E), within two months of the completion of travel; 
  • when approved travel arrangements are amended (such as names and destinations), seek new approval from the original authorising officer;
  • use any unused flight credits when booking a flight, where possible;
  • make travel bookings using the following methods:
    • for metro bookings – the Government’s contracted travel provider; and
    • for regional bookings – the Government’s contracted travel provider or Regional Travel Agent;
  • book and manage travel arrangements through the travel provider’s Online Booking Tool, where it is available; and
  • complete and submit the Sponsored Travel Funded by a Third Party Organisation (Appendix L) for any work related travel that has been offered/received by a third-party organisation.


See Appendix B: Travel Guidelines which includes the process for booking air travel.

Travel Application Forms should be submitted to authorising officers for approval within the folllowing timeframe:

  • Domestic Travel -  a minimum of three weeks before proposed date of departure.
  • International Travel - a minimum of six weeks before proposed date of departure.

In instances where the timeline cannot be met, reasons should be provided to justify a shorter timeline for approval.

If leave exceeds four working days in total, then only a one way fare is to be funded by the Department:

  • In the case of Domestic travel the Department books only a one way fare (via travel provider or Regional Travel Agent). 
  • In the case of International travel, the Department books return fare but requests separate billing from travel agent.

It is important that the purchase card is not used for personal purposes at any point in the above scenario.

For approval purposes, travel to and from Australian Territories such as Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands is considered as intrastate travel. However, booking arrangements should be made in accordance with the procedures for international travel, as travel to territories is considered international travel by the travel industry.

Where a trip is privately funded but sanctioned by the Department or school such as a school excursion, the trip is classed as ‘official travel’ and the employee is still required to complete a Travel Reporting Declaration form.

3.2 International Travel

Employees must complete the International Travel Checklist (Appendix F) and submit to their line manager/principal.

3.3 Use of Air Charter Services

Line managers or principals must:


The Government requires departments to use regular public transport air services (where available) when travelling to regional and remote communities throughout Western Australia.  Exemptions to this policy can be made when:

  • the cost per passenger to use a closed charter flight is less than the cost per passenger to use a public service; or
  • there is an emergency; or
  • where normal commercial scheduled air services are not available; or
  • where other means of transport are not practical, economical or safe.

Except in an emergency or for humanitarian reasons, only employees approved to travel are allowed to travel on any pre-arranged charter service. Where appropriate, arrangements can be made with other government agencies or private organisations to share a charter service.

Family members of an employee based in a remote area may be allowed to travel in a charter service, provided it is approved by the principal or a Director of Education.

The charter service company should provide a passenger manifest with their invoice when it is sent for payment.

3.4 Airline Club Memberships

If employees travel interstate at least eight times annually and wish to attain Airline Club Membership, they must: 

  • apply for membership by completing the Airline Club Membership form (Appendix G) and forward to their line manager for consideration followed by Director General for approval; and
  • forward a copy of the approved original Airline Club Membership form to the Financial Reporting Officer, Financial Accounting and Reporting.


Department funded airline club memberships are only paid for those officers that travel at least eight times annually interstate. Intrastate Travel is not considered for airline club memberships.

Club membership is not renewed for employees who currently have a membership but travel less than eight times per annum.

3.5 Authorising Travel for Non-Employees

Line managers or principals must confirm that any non-employees travelling in an official capacity using Department funding has completed the Non-Employee Travel Forms (Appendix K).

4. Definitions

The senior officer with the authority to approve travel arrangements and expenditure for the employee.

The lowest fare that exists in the marketplace at the time of booking and for which a seat is available that meets the business requirements of the traveller.

A conflict of interest arises in circumstances where an employee’s performance of public duties is, or could be, influenced, or is viewed as influenced, by the employee’s personal or private interests.

Where an employee has more than one role undertaking public duties, the employee may have multiple competing interests.

  • An actual conflict of interest is a real conflict that exists between an employee’s performance of public duties and the employee’s personal or private interests. The employee may be unduly influenced by a personal interest when making work-related decisions or taking action in the workplace.
  • A perceived conflict of interest is where a party, either internal or external to the Department, could form the view that an employee’s personal or private interests are improperly influencing their workplace decisions or actions, now or in the future, whether or not this is the case.
  • A potential conflict of interest is not an actual conflict but could become one in the future. It is possible that an employee’s personal or private interests may, at some stage, unduly influence their public duties.

Travel within Australia.

Travel within the state of Western Australia. Special conditions apply to travel across the tri-state border and the Indian Ocean Territories.

Travel between states and territories.

A legitimate business benefit furthers the conduct of official business, educational or other legitimate organisational goals and supports government policy objectives and priorities.

For the purpose of air travel booking, a privately funded travel means the cost of travel is fully paid for by the traveller.

Sponsored Travel is any work related travel expense that has been fully or partially paid directly by a third party or for which you have been reimbursed directly by a third party.  If the travel provided is not work related, this would be considered a gift and employees should refer to the Gifts Benefits and Hospitality Policy.

An officer appointed to organise all airfare bookings for a directorate/cost centre/school.

5. Related documents

6. Contact information

Policy manager:

Director Financial Services

Policy contacts:

Financial Reporting Officer

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Department of Education

151 Royal Street

East Perth WA 6004

T: (08) 9264 4766

Purchase Card contact:

Business and Customer Services

Finance Services

151 Royal Street

East Perth WA 6004

T: (08) 9264 4868


Procurement contact:

Commercial Services

151 Royal Street

East Perth WA 6004

T: (08) 9264 5567


General policy advice:


Attendance at International Conference contact:

Perth Convention Bureau

Director Business Development


7. History of changes

Effective date Last update date Procedure version no.
21 February 2017 21 February 2017 1.0
These new procedures support the Official Air Travel Policy that replaces the Official Air Travel, Domestic Travelling Allowance and International Travelling Allowance policies. Endorsed by Director General at Corporate Executive on 28 November 2016.
21 February 2017 21 February 2017 1.1
Minor changes under s3.3 to include Premier’s Circular on use of air charter services D17/0060301
21 February 2017 21 February 2017 1.2
Minor typos and corrective changes D17/0076028 and D17/0076010
21 February 2017 23 February 2017 1.3
Minor typos and corrective changes D17/0080388
21 February 2017 24 May 2017 1.4
Minor changes to Appendix A, Appendix C and Appendix D. D17/0221842
21 February 2017 28 August 2017 1.5
Minor changes to email address in Appendices C, D and K. D17/0365861
21 February 2017 10 July 2018 1.6
Minor changes in Appendix A and Appendix C D18/0244572, and Appendix K D18/0297752
21 February 2017 10 October 2018 1.7
Minor changes to update position titles, related policies and contact information D18/0437050
21 February 2017 16 October 2019 1.8
Minor changes to update appendices D19/0477140.
21 February 2017 20 January 2021 1.9
Minor changes to replace the Regional Executive Director position title with Director of Education D20/0647278.
21 February 2017 16 August 2022 1.10
Minor changes resulting from major review of the Acceptance and Provision of Gifts Policy. D22/0246936
21 February 2017 23 August 2022 1.11
Minor changes to Appendices A, C, K on the approval process for overseas travel D22/0637671
21 February 2017 22 March 2023 1.12
Replaces Appendix C as per D23/0984083
21 February 2017 19 July 2023 1.13
Minor change to Appendix C D23/1330849
21 February 2017 18 August 2023 1.14
Minor change to Appendix F
21 February 2017 31 August 2023 1.15
Minor update to Premier’s Circular 2021/02 - D23/1479579
21 February 2017 8 September 2023 1.16
Minor change App A: Travel Approval Schedule D23/1500400
21 February 2017 21 November 2023 1.17
Minor changes Appendices A, C, K on approval process for international excursions D23/1799304
21 February 2017 16 January 2024 1.18
Minor change to Appendix A to bring public school travel approval (interstate travel) into alignment with IPS schools D24/0030186

8. Appendices

Appendix A:  Travel Approval Schedule (PDF file - 70.1kB)

Appendix B:  Travel Guidelines (PDF file - 74.9kB)

Appendix C:  Travel Application Form (DOCX file - 32.8kB)

Appendix D:  Travel Reporting Declaration (DOCX file - 93.4kB)

Appendix E:  Statement of Purpose and Benefits to Western Australia (DOCX file - 18kB)

Appendix F:  International Travel Checklist (DOCX file - 74.6kB)

Appendix G:  Airline Club Membership (DOCX file - 18.6kB)

Appendix H:  Travel Booking Officer Notification Form (DOCX file - 39.8kB)

Appendix I:  In-Country and Emergency Contact Details (DOCX file - 40.5kB)

Appendix J:  Emergency Next of Kin Contact Details (DOCX file - 14.6kB)

Appendix K:  Non-Employee Travel Forms (DOCX file - 40.7kB)

Appendix L:  Sponsored Travel Funded by a Third Party Organisation Form (DOCX file - 19.1kB)

9. More information

This procedure:

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Supported policy:

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