Boarding life

Boarding life

At the College, your child lives in an environment that celebrates who they are as an individual and creates a strong sense of community.

They have the opportunity to live with other gifted young people who are excited to accelerate their learning, strengthen their talents and make the most of the experience of living and learning in Perth.

As they develop into young adults, they learn to manage their time, care for their own physical and emotional well-being, and to balance work and leisure. They also learn the importance of being active citizens and caring for others.

Your child will be one of our high performing students who strive to excel. To help them achieve their academic goals, your child is actively supported throughout the school year.

College staff regularly liaise with your child's school regarding their educational needs.

Compulsory study times are set. Every evening except Fridays and Saturdays, students complete homework and assignments, revise lessons and/or prepare for tests and assessments. Students are encouraged to do additional study in their rooms when required.

Year 7 to 9 students are supervised during study periods and have access to tutors.

Year 10 to 12 students are offered study skills and exam preparation courses.

Strategies are put in place to help your child if they ever need additional assistance

Living away from home can be a bit challenging at first for some students, so special attention is given to helping your child adjust to life as a boarder. Most students adapt quickly and enjoy the new friendships they make.

College staff and students are very welcoming and everyone promotes a culture of inclusiveness, respect and tolerance.

If your child ever experiences personal issues, supervisors are available to provide support. When necessary, they can liaise with your child's school or provide referrals to support services.

Your child is encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle so they can perform well at school and enhance their general wellbeing. College staff ensure they eat well, sleep well and have plenty of opportunities to be active.

Your child is provided with a variety of nutritious and enjoyable meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks for morning tea and after school. Meals are served from the dining room every day. On school days, students pack their lunches from a stocked salad bar and preparation area. Care is taken to ensure medically required dietary needs are met.

We understand students learn better when they have slept well. There are set times for lights out depending on the year level of students. This ensures your child has ample sleep and is ready for the day ahead.

Your child has a variety of opportunities to be active. After school and at weekends, free time is allocated to play sport, participate in outdoor activities and/or pursue other recreational pursuits.

Your child is encouraged to continue sport and social clubs they have enjoyed while at home or try something new. College staff are more than happy to help them join local clubs.



Activities are run during the week and at weekends to keep boarding life fun and interesting. Your child has the opportunity to go on camps and have regular outings at the weekend. Popular outings including going to the beach, hiking in the hills and visiting the city or Fremantle.

After school, supervisors organise games on the oval or in the recreation room. On Friday and Saturday evenings, you child can enjoy movie or game nights with their friends.


Sometimes students feel homesick when they board away from home. This usually happens when they first arrive and are settling in. Students are encouraged to speak with supervisors about their feelings or phone home for a chat. The supervisors also make an effort to help them make new friends and feel more at home.

If your child has something on their mind and they would like to speak to someone other than a supervisor, parent or carer, they can seek support from the:

  • Kids Helpline
  • school or college psychologist
  • school chaplain
  • school nurse.

If you or your child has any concerns about the residential college, please speak with the college manager. If the the matter is not resolved after you speak to the college manager, please phone  the Department of Education’s Manager, Residential Colleges on 92645432.