About us

About us

Northam Residential College has been providing boarding for regional and remote families since 1938. We provide a homely, safe and welcoming environment for up to 50 secondary students during the school year.


Our students board at the College while they attend Northam Senior High School and St Joseph’s School. Most students come from farming areas in the Wheatbelt, but also from further afield. They love living in the country and enjoy the amenities of a large regional town.

Many students board from Year 7 and develop life-long friendships. As a boarder, they get to share this amazing experience with people of their own age. They also learn to be independent, work well with others and create support networks.


The college manager, Russell Winsor, leads a highly skilled and passionate team of supervisors and ancillary staff. Russell has spent the last 10 years working in community services, specialising in the disability and mental health field. Together, this team ensures that your child receives the best quality care and support within a fun and rewarding environment.

We are committed to providing a high standard of care for our students and understand that our role has huge responsibilities with the trust of students, parents and the community. We ensure all students are safe and their emotional and physical wellbeing are continually monitored. Our experienced staff care for every student and partners with parents in raising their child while they board away from home.

Our full-time boarding supervisors are experienced and highly-trained to support and care for young people in a residential community. They have industry recognised qualifications and police clearances along with a Working with Children Card (WWC). Our supervisory team live and work with students and in most cases see more of them than their parents or carers, and become significant adults in their lives.

The college supervisory staff are supported by an administration and finance officer and a team of ancillary staff assist with cleaning, cooking, laundry, maintenance and facilities.


Northam Senior High School is a public secondary school which provides a comprehensive program of ATAR and WACE subjects to students seeking access to university. It also provides for students wanting to graduate directly into the workforce or continue further with nationally recognised trade training qualifications. It offers a wide range of programs, courses and options including hospitality, performing arts, Follow the Dream, Bush Ranger Cadets, Clontarf Academy and astronomy. It is a progressive school, conveniently located and welcoming to regional students.

St Joseph’s School is a private Kindergarten to Year 12 school. It is a community school committed to preparing students to succeed through the promotion of Christian values from a Catholic tradition.


The college is located in the Town of Northam, 95 kilometres east of Perth in the heart of the Avon Valley. Northam is a major regional centre with a population of 8 000. Northam provides a full range of health services, shopping, social, sporting and recreational opportunities. This along with our country values and progressive outlook contributes to the best boarding and schooling option available to country families.

The College has strong ties to the community. To enhance this connection we have a Local Input Networking and Communications (LINC) committee at the College. The LINC is made up of representatives from the community and provides advice and support to the manager and staff.

Find out more about Northam by visiting Northam Visitor Centre.