Boarding life

Boarding life

While boarding at Moora Residential College, students enjoy living and learning in a rural community.

students at the local poolOur students are part of a close-knit community and participate in community sports, activities and events. Your child will have access to the great outdoors and we will help them to feel at home in their new environment.

Living with other students from the Wheatbelt region and beyond, students make life-long friends with those who share their boarding journey. Together they create wonderful memories of going to school, discovering new interests and having fun in their free time.

Many students are close enough to home to visit regularly.

Letter writing at Moora Residential CollegeBoarding at Moora Residential College gives students the opportunity to attend a school that provides a varied program of both Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) and West Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) subjects.

Our supervisors work closely with teaching and support staff at the high school to ensure students' academic needs are met and they are well supported. Meeting regularly, teachers and supervisors discuss student progress and develop strategies for any issues.

teacher helping a student working on the computerHomework and study sessions are supervised 5 evenings a week. Students are encouraged to make full use of study times and facilities that are available. All the computers are networked to the school so they can access the school’s resources. Tutorial assistance is available for all subjects by teachers twice a week.


Moora Residential College students jumping in the poolThe college provides a wide range of recreational activities. Students have access to our swimming pool, large screen projector, pool and air hockey tables, table tennis and X Box. Students can also hang out with friends and participate in games or activities organised by the supervisors.

Learning how to macrame at Moora Residential CollegeAs the school is next to the college, students can access the school oval and tennis, basketball and netball courts after school and at weekends. Moora Residential College students at Optus Stadium to watch the footballWe encourage the students to be active and use the school facilities to organise games with their friends. 

Students also enjoy frequent excursions to Perth and other locations. We are only a couple of hours from Perth, so it is easy for us to visit the city at weekends to enjoy activities such as sporting events, shopping, exhibitions or special events.

To see what's coming up next you can refer to our Term 2 activity planner.

The college provides students with a similar level of support as they receive at home. This allows students to have a positive and happy experience while they live away from their families. We place a strong focus on their social and emotional development as this is just as important as their academic development. 

Boarding Supervisor from Moora Residential CollegeTo ensure we meet each child’s individual needs, our supervisors develop strong relationships with students as positive role models. Our supervisors are available at any time and are present whenever the students are at the college. Supervisors are actively involved in group activities and make time for one-on-one discussions so students can talk about any concerns or share their positive experiences in Moora.

Students using the Moora Residential College gymStudents are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle while boarding at Moora Residential College. We provide opportunities to be active, belong to clubs, eat and sleep well and have access to any medical care they may need.

Moora has several sporting teams, including football, netball, tennis, hockey, basketball, swimming and cricket. There is also a recreation centre and a community swimming pool. Students are encouraged to participate in community sports and we provide transport to venues. Students can also stay active by swimming in our college pool.

Healthy fruit salad served at Moora Residential CollegeMoora Residential College boarders making a healthy after-school milkshakeWhen it comes to meals, we have a healthy choice policy at the college. This means students are given a choice of healthy options for each meal. They have breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner in the college dining room every day. They take a packed lunch to school five days a week and eat lunch at the college on weekends. 

Our meal plans are in line with the Fresh School Nutrition Advisory Program, FreshSNAP.

You can refer to our Term 2 2024 menu.


Moora Residential boarding supervisor smilingSome students may feel homesick when they board away from home. This usually happens when they first arrive and are settling in. We encourage students to speak with supervisors about their feelings or phone home for a chat. Supervisors also try to help students make new friends and feel more at home.

Milo - Moora Residential College's emotional-support petIf your child has something on their mind and they would like to speak to someone other than a supervisor, parent or carer, they can seek support from the:

  • Kids Helpline
  • school psychologist
  • school chaplain
  • school nurse.

Boarding supervisors at Moora Residential College organise activities that promote mindfulness for boardersIf you or your child has any concerns about the residential college, please speak with the college manager. If a student has any concerns they feel they cannot raise with the college manager, they can email

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Application for enrolment is open

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