A wide range of facilities are available to make your child feel at home.


Moora Residential College single bedroomAt Moora Residential College, your child has their own air-conditioned bedroom that includes a single or king single bed, a desk for studying, shelves for books and personal items, a bedside cabinet and a wardrobe. Your child can decorate their personal space with their own doona, photos, posters and personal items. Door locks ensure your child’s belongings are secure.

For the safety of students, heaters and electric blankets are not permitted in bedrooms. We also have smoke detectors and alarm systems throughout the college.

Accommodation for our male students is located in a different section of the college to the female students. 

Common rooms

Moora Residential College sunny common areaWe have small lounge rooms located near bedrooms, as well as a large recreation area where students can congregate. Your child is encouraged to spend time with their friends and play games, watch movies, listen to music and hang out.

Students have a large dining room for eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. They can also complete their homework and study in the dining room.

Your child has access to a computer room which is networked to the school. 


boys playing on the pool tableNight swimming at Moora Residential CollegeYour child can access a range of recreational facilities. The college has a pool which is used throughout the warmer months of the year. We also have a pool table, table tennis, basketball, movie screen, X-box and sports equipment.


Moora Residential College boarders on the college busWashing the Moora Residential College busWe have access to a 24 seater and 12 seater bus, fitted with air-conditioning and seat belts. Supervisors use these vehicles to transport students to sports, medical and academic commitments and for regular weekend excursions. All our supervisors are qualified to operate both buses.

The college is conveniently located next to Central Midlands Senior High School. Students travel to and from school by walking across the school oval.

Moora Residential College boarding supervisor BradyStudents are not permitted to drive personal vehicles whilst boarding at the college. Students must have supervisor and parental permission to ride in other people's personal vehicles and the driver must be an adult. A student with a current driver’s license may only drive their personal vehicle to travel between home and the college with supervisor and parent approval, and keys are surrendered to supervisors during their stay.

Washing the college busYour child may be eligible for subsidised travel for their trips between home and the college. Subsidised travel provides up to 4 return trips from your home address to the college, 1 for each term. Discover more about the subsidy and your eligibility through the Student Subsidised Travel Scheme.

The college can provide bus transport to transfer students between the college and the airport or bus depot. We support students to book bus transfers once they arrive at the college, for example, should they need to travel home for the weekend. We need at least 1 day’s notice to organise a bus transfer.