About us

About us

Moora Residential College provides boarding accommodation to country students while they attend Central Midlands Senior High School.

For over 40 years, the College has provided high quality care. It has an excellent reputation and consistently receives rave reviews from parents in independent surveys. We are known for creating a caring environment for our students, providing delicious and healthy food, communicating well with parents, and organising fun activities for students.


Moora Residential College 2022 cohortWe currently have 48 students boarding at Moora Residential College. Many come from pastoral areas and coastal communities such as Jurien Bay and Lancelin, while some come from as far as Marble Bar. Being from small communities, they enjoy living in a country town with a welcoming community and strong country values.

Whilst at the college, they attend Central Midlands Senior High School from Years 7 to 12.


Leading the College is College Manager, Anne-Marie Wilson. The College has seven supervisors with almost 40 years combined experience in providing support and supervision to students. They are well respected by students and parents. A male and a female supervisor are on staff at all times.

We also have an office manager, cooks, cleaners and a grounds person.

Central Midlands Senior High School

Central Midlands Senior High School is a progressive secondary school conveniently located adjacent to the College. It provides education for approximately 200 students from Year 7 to Year 12 and is very welcoming to regional students.

Your child has access to innovative, flexible pathways for learning with a wide range of academic and vocations subjects. One major attraction of the school is the small class size: a low student-to-staff ratio ensures plenty of individual attention and assistance, both in and out of the classroom.

For more information, contact the school at CentralMidlands.SHS@education.wa.edu.au or phone 9653 9200.


Moora is a small community with a population of 2780. It is located 172km north east of Perth in a pastoral and farming district. It is a regional centre with a senior high school, pharmacy, dentist, doctors and district hospital.

The College has close ties to the community. We have a Local Input Networking and Communications (LINC) committee that includes representatives from the community. They provide advice and support to the College Manager and staff.