Spacious and comfortable rooms and shared spaces ensure your child has the best possible boarding experience while they live away from home.


Each student is provided with a single room that features a king-single-sized bed, reverse-cycle air-conditioning, wardrobe, drawers and a full length mirror. They enjoy a large desk and pin-up-board for study, and shelf space for school supplies and personal items to make their room feel like home. Having a single room enables them to have more independence and focus on their learning and development.

We also have some larger wheelchair-accessible rooms to accommodate for the needs of any student.

Our two accommodation houses, Frewer and Dellahale Houses, reside on the same campus. Separated by our recreational and common areas, these houses accommodate our male and female students separately. They have been designed with safety and security as a major priority. Closed circuit video surveillance monitors our buildings. Internal phones, fire doors and alarm systems assist our staff in ensuring the safety of our students.

Common rooms

Busy secondary students need comfortable and supportive spaces to relax and socialise. Each of our accommodation blocks have common rooms for students to enjoy, which includes local television, kitchen facilities and comfortable furniture. These are common rooms for both junior and senior students. The college also has a big screen projector in our shared common area at the end of our dining room. This is is great for video games, movie nights and watching Netflix.


At Geraldton Residential College, we encourage your child to have a balanced life, and offer them a great variety of recreational options to suit any of their interests.

We have recreational rooms to accommodate a number of activities including music, craft, table tennis and foosball.

Outside, students can get active with our large grassed areas, undercover recreational area, basketball court, netball hoops and swimming pool.

Our students love getting involved in a range of sports, such as basketball, netball, tennis, volleyball, cricket, soccer, hockey, football, water polo, little athletics and badminton. We provide playing areas and sports equipment for them to enjoy. Our supervisors actively encourage our students to get involved and join in, coordinating sporting competitions for after school and on weekends, and often getting out on the courts themselves.


The college has two 14 seater vans and one 24 seater bus, giving students access to other areas in Geraldton or facilities for sport or community activities as they require. Your child can speak with the supervisors about any transport needs they have during term. Students book their bus runs at reception daily.

Your child may be eligible for subsidised travel for trips between home and the college. Subsidised travel provides up to four return trips from your home address to the college, one for each term and can only be accessed for travel directly between home and the college. Discover more about the Student Subsidised Travel Scheme and your eligibility from the Department of Transport.

The college is able to provide bus transport to transfer students between the college and the airport or bus depot. Students will be shown how to book their own bus transfers once they arrive at the college, for example, should they need to travel home for the weekend. The college requires at least one day's notice from either the student or parent to organise a bus transfer.

Students are not permitted to drive personal vehicles whilst boarding at the college, nor are they permitted to ride in other personal vehicles without supervisor and parent permission and an adult driver. A student with a current driver's license may only drive their personal vehicle between home and the college with supervisor and parent approval. Keys are surrendered to supervisors while not in use.


Application for enrolment is open

Application for enrolment is open

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