Boarding life

Boarding life

Living and learning in Geraldton means your child enjoys a coastal lifestyle, a caring home away from home, and a comprehensive education.

Boarding at Geraldton Residential College offers your child the opportunity to pursue a good education while staying in the country. Along with many other country students, they enjoy the amenities of a regional centre, the beaches of Geraldton, the convenience of living close to their secondary school and a range of recreational and sporting activities on offer.

For some families, they even have the opportunity to keep brothers and sisters together while they attend secondary school. 

At Geraldton Residential College, your child is well supported while they pursue academic success. The college focuses on your child’s education, working closely with their school.

From Monday to Thursday night, our junior students (Year 7-9) are required to attend supervised study in the dining room from 6.30 to 7.15pm. This gives your child a structured and routine opportunity to focus on their learning in a quiet and supportive environment. Supervisors are available during this time to provide guidance where required. Senior students (Year 10-12) are required to study individually in their rooms from 8:00 to 9:30pm. They are able to allocate extra hours outside of this time to complete their desired amount of study. Internet access is restricted to learning and study purposes during study time.

The college also encourages students to use common areas for group study outside of the individual study time and during free time. Your child can benefit by interacting with their college peers who may attend different schools, where they have a diversity of insights and approaches to their subjects.

As well as access to our supervisors, the college provides academic support to your child through a number of tutoring and learning resources, including access to their school tutorial programs. School boarding liaison officers support student attendance and work closely with supervisors to ensure individual needs are met. Students also have access to local and school library services, as well as private tutoring through their school or the Kip McGrath Education Centre, which is within walking distance of the college.

Our college is your child’s home-away-from-home while they pursue their secondary education, so it is our role to make sure your child is cared for in a safe and supportive environment. Supervisory staff maintain strong relationships with students as positive role models for their development, always available to ensure that the college can meet their individual needs. Our supervisors maintain direct connections with you and your child’s school to monitor your child’s progress and ensure you are kept informed and any of their concerns are addressed.

Our supervisors are responsible for the direct care and supervision of students, and college life is grounded in providing your child with a healthy lifestyle while they board at Geraldton Residential College. 

Your child is provided with many opportunities to be socially and physically active during their stay at the college. Students have access to high quality recreational facilities and sporting activities, including our swimming pool and undercover recreational area. Supervisors actively encourage participation and keeping active, and can often be found joining in, out on the courts.

Students also have access to a dedicated School Psychologist who visits the college on a regular basis. Any student can arrange an appointment by speaking with a supervisor. Parents are able to access this service on behalf of their children by discussing any concerns with the supervisory team.

Healthy and nutritious meals are provided by talented kitchen staff. We provide for a range of diverse dietary requirements, meaning your child will always have a well-balanced meal option that suits their needs. Fresh and high quality produce is sourced locally where possible. We aim to support local growers, suppliers and businesses in purchasing ingredients. Your child receives breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner in the college dining room every day. On school days, each student receives a packed lunch. On weekends, lunch is available in the dining room.

Supervisors are always available to your child should they need help in any issue that may arise. Staff are available at all hours of the day and night to attend to urgent care matters should your child become unwell or there be an emergency. Our supervisors are fully trained in first aid and treat minor ailments. Students have ready access to medical care, dental care and pharmaceutical services in the Geraldton community.

Your child’s social and emotional development is just as important to us as their academic development. Our college supports this by providing a diverse range of recreational facilities and activities for your child to enjoy on-campus. The college organises a range of sporting and recreational events for students, both inside the college and within the Geraldton community. These may include fishing, swimming, social picnics, games, quiz nights and dance socials.

Students also have the opportunity to attend camps and day trips organised by the college to various locations throughout the year. Students may enjoy trips to Perth to watch West Coast Eagles and Fremantle Dockers games, and beach trips and bushland orienteering camps around Geraldton. Students are also able to access the Geraldton city centre with supervised weekend trips into town.

Our college also encourages active participation in sporting, social or community activities outside of the college. Students have the opportunity to build relationships and make new friends with people outside the college, and feel welcomed into the greater Geraldton community. We are able to provide safe transportation to and from your child’s chosen sporting or community activity within the Geraldton area should they require it.

Geraldton Residential College is situated in a convenient, central location within Geraldton. Travelling between school and the college is safe and simple.

Students attending Geraldton Senior High School and Nagle Catholic College are within walking distance of school. Students attending Champion Bay Senior High School and Strathalbyn Christian College travel to school using the town's public transport system, while students attending Geraldton Grammar School are transported by the college-owned bus. 

Students are welcome to borrow a college-owned bicycle to ride to school.

Parents are asked to provide a TransGeraldton SmartRider card for their child, giving them access to the town's public transport system. Using a SmartRider card, students have access to the TransGeraldton student fare on school days. Students and parents are responsible for keeping their SmartRider card safe and loaded for students to use whilst travelling to and from school.

Discover more about SmartRiders from Transperth.


Sometimes students feel homesick when they board away from home. This mostly happens when they first arrive and are settling in, or when something concerns them. Students are encouraged to speak with supervisors about their feelings or ring home for a chat. The supervisors also make an effort to help them make new friends and feel more at home.

If your child has something on their mind and they would like to speak to someone other than a supervisor or a parent/carer, they can seek support from services such as:

A teacher, psychologist, chaplain or nurse at their school.

If you or your child has any concerns about Geraldton Residential College, it is a good idea to speak with the College Manager. If this does not resolve the matter, you can report a concern directly to the Manager, Residential Colleges at the Department of Education on 9264 5432.

Application for enrolment is open

Application for enrolment is open

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