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Key performance indicators

Key performance indicators

Reporting of key performance indicators enables senior management to assess and monitor the extent to which we achieve our Government‑desired outcome, and ensures we are accountable to the community for our performance.


Government goal

Strong Communities: Safe communities and supported families

Desired outcome

School students across Western Australia have access to high quality education


1. Public primary education
2. Public secondary education
3. Regulation and non‑government sector assistance
4. Support to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority

This section presents effectiveness indicators that show how well we met our desired outcome and efficiency indicators that show how efficiently we delivered our four services in 2020–21. The indicators are as per our Outcomes-Based Management (OBM) reporting structure. We revised our OBM reporting structure in 2018–19 to better reflect our current operations.

Supplementary information relating to our key performance indicators in the appendices is not audited by the Office of the Auditor General.