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Descriptive transcript - We love passionate educators – WA Education Awards 2019

We love passionate educators – WA Education Awards 2019

Descriptive video transcript

[Scene of teenagers playing basketball on a driveway. Len walks past and notices them.]

[Scene a pizza delivery man. He rings a doorbell]

[Scene of Mia in the kitchen quietly with two children.]

[Scene of Damien walking into a café and notices a written chalkboard sign.]

[Scene of Len who blows his sports whistle at the teenagers.]

[Scene of delivery man] Here's your pizzas.

[Ben] What do I owe you?

[Delivery man] Uh... 48.

[Ben] Doesn't sound right.

[Scene of Mia] You guys look bored.

[Children] Yes.

[Mia] Yes.

[Mia, who pours three glasses of juice at different levels] Watch this.

[Scene of Damien, who wipes the apostrophe away from ‘May you’re coffee be strong’]

[Scene of Len, who blows his sports whistle] How're you going, guys? How're you going, mate? Listen, I'll give you a couple of tips. You've got to bend your knees a little bit. You know what I mean?

[Scene of Ben, checking the pizza receipt] Ah! I see what you did! The one, the two, plus the four-fifty, plus the four-fifty, plus the six.

[Scene of Mia, who taps each glass with a spoon to make different pitched noises. The children smile]

[Scene of Len, coaching the teenagers] Get your arms up, yeah? All good? Yeah?

[Teenager, who hi-fives Len] Kaya konke.

[Len] Excellent.

[Scene of Ben, paying the delivery man] So there's 60.

[Delivery man] Good.

[Ben] Keep the change.

[Scene of Mia, showing the children how to tap the glasses to make notes. A child taps each glass.]

[Mia] Wow, that was a big one, wasn't it?

[Scene of Damien, who walks out of the café with his coffee and looks back at the corrected sign.]

[On-screen text] We love passionate educators. WA Education Awards 2019 nominations now open.