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Transcript - Welcome to public education in Western Australia

Welcome to Public Education in Western Australia

Video transcript


Discover a world of opportunities
Public education in Western Australia

Voice over:

We’re proud of the world of opportunities we offer the youngest learners through to the most senior school students.

Welcome to public education in Western Australia.


Students learning with teachers. Young students singing.


Our State
Unique and vast

Voice over:

Our State is unique and vast.

We’re 11 times larger than Victoria.

We have a diverse population, rich in backgrounds, cultures and languages.

And new families arriving to take up the many opportunities here.

Australian outback scenery surrounding remote Western Australian schools. Students’ artwork depicting Aboriginal languages and cultures.


Our schools

More than 800 schools

Voice over:

We have schools in communities across our State – in bustling city and regional centres and in some of the most remote parts of the world.

Comprehensive schools, selective schools and education support schools.

As our population grows, we’re building new schools and developing state-of-the-art facilities for children to learn in.

Modern schools using the latest and emerging technologies.


Showcasing state-of-the-art school facilities, inner city schools and remote Western Australian schools. Vision of touch screen technology, metalwork studio and students using iPads in classrooms.


Our philosophy

Distinctive schools

Voice over:

Each school – like each community – is distinctive.
Parents and communities play a key role in creating a unique ethos for their school.
They help shape the school’s directions.
The principal selects the best teachers and support staff for the school.
And funding is driven by the learning needs of students.


Parents getting involved in their children’s schooling. Image of principal leading a staff meeting.


Our students

Excellence and equity

Voice over:

As a public school system we aim to achieve the twin goals of excellence and equity.

Our doors are open to all students.

We provide individual programs – for students who are academically gifted, students with special learning needs, those with a flair for the arts or a passion for sports, and those from vulnerable communities.

Programs that prepare students with the skills, understandings and values to reach their full academic and personal potential. And contribute to society.


Students from different backgrounds, cultures and schools. Footage of speciality dance classes and sport.


Our people

More than 45,000 staff

Voice over:

As the largest public sector employer in the State, our people are our most valuable asset.

Coming from different backgrounds, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our schools.

Our top priority is for every student to be successful and our people go to great lengths to raise standards of student achievement.

They’re always ready for new possibilities to enrich classroom learning.

They are leaders in educational innovation and reform – sharing their expertise and experiences.


Vision of teachers and staff highlighting the diversity of roles in public schools. Teachers working directly with students in classrooms and in state-of-the-art science laboratories.


Our commitment

Learning and care

Voice over

Our commitment is for every child to have a high quality education.

Whatever their ability, wherever they live, whatever their background.

We are making a real difference to the communities we serve across Western Australia.


Vision of teachers, schools and students showing the diversity of public education.


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