Child and Parent Centre in Gosnells - Video transcript

Transcript - Child and Parent Centre in Gosnells

- Hi, I am Audrey, I'm the Centre Coordinator here at Child and Parent Centre, Gosnells.

And here, we run lots of early learning programs.

We have around about five playgroups.

We have parenting support services, and we have health staff on site.

We have an immunisation service and we have a speech pathologist.

- My name's Kylie Mathias.

I live just down the road in Gosnells and I have two daughters. We've been coming for two years and it's just, it's always warm, always friendly.

There's always new activities to do.

The girls are engaged differently every week.

They're making friends it's, it's our favourite part of the week really.

The main thing that I think is really important for my kids is to have a sense of curiosity about the world.

And the Child and Parent Centre really brings that alive for them because there's always something new to discover here. The messy play is great, because I don't have to clean it up.

I don't have to worry about it at home.

Since Tilly started to read a lot more independently, sometimes we just hang outside and read.

Imogen loves to ride the bikes and use the climbing frame.

And then something else I didn't know about the CPC is that they have a child nurse on hand and that's been really helpful to me as well. It makes vaccinations really simple.

It makes all of our health checks really simple.

- My name is Jenny Yao.

I'm the child health nurse at the Child Parents Centre here.

We provide free health services and health assessments, screening, and immunisation to the communities and families.

And we provide an evidence-based support service and information to parents and families to help, to bring the best developmental potential in their children.

- Everyone comes here for a different reason.

Some people come for their children.

So to get them school ready, some come for themselves because they might feel isolated and you have no contact.

Their family might be overseas, and they're the only ones that are here.

So they come to make connections with people from other cultures and also from their own cultures as well.

- [Jenny] Sometimes they just wanted some reassurance, whether they have been doing the right thing for their child. And they also, they wanted to talk about how their child is going and how their development is progressing.

- [Kylie] I've done a lot of different parent workshops here at the centre.

Lots of really good information about how to scaffold their emotional development, how to manage my emotions and feelings as a parent, because we know it can be a bit challenging sometimes.

And some of them have been one-off workshops.

Some of them have been eight week courses and the crèche facility has made it a lot more accessible to me and other parents as well, because if I didn't have the opportunity to have the kids looked after while I was in a parent workshop, then I couldn't come and it's really benefited me, but it's benefited my family at home as well because I parent I think a lot better now, a lot more confidently because of what I've learned from the workshops here.

- I think it's a unique place for parents.

It is a safe space for parents to be able to relax.

And it's a privilege for us to be able to assist them with their concerns.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it's true.

And here with the health service and the Child Parent Centre, and we build the villages here and we provide a platform for the parents to help their children to do well.

- We came to experience diversity but we've really developed a family here since I've been coming.

I've made a lot of friendships that have extended outside of the centre as well.

- [Audrey] Within a couple of weeks then you see that progression and they're socialised with other children and they're speaking more and they're getting out and about and doing more things. And it's, it's actually really nice to see.

- [Kylie] If you're in the Gosnells area and you are looking for support and community and just fun and engagement, just come to the Child and Parent Centre here.

- [Audrey] Stay for a while.

If you feel like it, or you can leave whenever, but just come and get a feel.

And I, then I say to them that I'll guarantee that then they'll, they won't leave. And they'll definitely come back.