Boarding life

Boarding life

We offer your child a welcoming and nurturing home away from home while living in a rural community.

Pic of 2 girls having fun on the soapy slip-and-slideAs a boarding student, your child can live and study with other young people from the Great Southern region and beyond. They will attend one of 5 local secondary schools and have the chance to enjoy the wonderful recreational and sporting amenities in Albany.

pic of student sitting at desk, readingWhether your child is preparing for entry into university, other tertiary or training institution or the workforce, students are provided with high level educational support while boarding at Albany Residential College.

Your child will be supported by qualified supervisors who guide and encourage students in their academic, sporting and social lives. Our supervisors work closely with the teaching and support staff at our local secondary schools, discussing strategies to enable continuity in your child’s academic and social development.

pic of boarding supervisor talking with students seated around a tableStudents have access to supervised study nights 5 times a week and tutoring 2 nights a week. Other options for private tutoring and group study to support your child’s progress are also available. They are provided with internet access and comprehensive learning resources and are encouraged to make the most of their study time.

Albany Residential College boarders having fun on themed Troppo nightAlbany Residential College is home to 74 students from surrounding country towns. Much like home, your child will feel safe in the college environment where we foster a culture of respect, tolerance, and inclusion. Albany Residential College boarders can make suggestions on how to improve their sense of belongingEach child in the college feels supported as we invest time and resources to meet their individual social and emotional needs.

Our supervisors develop strong relationships with students and ensure each child has a sense of respect and fairness. Supervisors are available to students at any time and deliver a similar level of support to what your child would receive at home. It is important to our staff that your child has a positive and happy experience at the college.

Fun balance board activity organised by our Albany Residential College boarding supervisorsBeing physically and mentally healthy is important for your child to do well at school. To ensure they can reach their potential, we help to support them to live healthy lifestyles. We ensure they eat and sleep well, maintain a routine and have plenty of opportunities to exercise and be active. We also help them to access any health services they may need during their stay. 

Pic of happy student serving foodAt Albany Residential College, we provide 3 meals a day plus afternoon tea and supper. Our menu includes a variety of healthy home-style meals and provides for students with dietary needs. We have a 5-week menu rotation which ensures the meals are varied. Our meal plans are in line with the Fresh School Nutrition Advisory Program, FreshSNAP

You can refer to our Term 2 menu.

Slip 'n' slide at Albany Residential CollegeWe encourage students to be active and participate in group activities. Some of our students play for local cricket and football clubs. Others practice taekwondo or go to army cadets.

You can be assured that your child will be well looked after if they are unwell. We have 2 sick bays on site, general practitioners in town and Albany Hospital is located nearby. Our supervisors are fully trained in first aid and are on campus 24 hours a day.   

Going to the movies is a fun weekend activityAlbany Residential College boarders are encouraged to pursue sporting activitiesAlbany is the perfect place for your child to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. There are beautiful beaches nearby, a large leisure centre with swimming pools, indoor courts and a recreation centre, and a skate park. 

Our supervisors take the students on town leave, visits to the cinema and college camps to provide relaxing time away from study.

School basketball courts are next door to Albany Residential CollegeAs the college is adjacent to Albany Senior High School, the students can use the school oval and courts after school and on the weekends. They play games with their friends and they’re encouraged to participate in activities organised by our supervisors.

To see what's coming up next you can refer to our Term 2 activity planner.


Pic of boy sitting in front of a mural of an outstretched handSome students may feel homesick when they board away from home. This usually happens when they first arrive and are settling in. We encourage students to speak with supervisors about their feelings or phone home for a chat. Supervisors also try to help students make new friends and feel more at home.

Albany Residential College boarders can become best friendsIf your child has something on their mind and they would like to speak to someone other than a supervisor, parent or carer, they can seek support from the:

  • Kids Helpline
  • school psychologist
  • school chaplain
  • school nurse.

If you or your child has any concerns about the residential college, please speak with the college manager. If a student has any concerns they feel they cannot raise with the college manager, they can email

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Application for enrolment is open

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