Living in Perth

Living in Perth

Studying in Australia is not just about the school a student chooses to study at, it is also about the location and lifestyle.

Homestay. A secure, comfortable and enriching experience

Many international students choose to live in homestay accommodation. Organised through the Australian Homestay Network, the homestay experience in Perth is a secure, comfortable and enriching experience for both the host family and the student.

Host families are carefully selected to ensure that students are placed in environments that are not only safe and comfortable, they are also welcoming and truly interested in enjoying a shared cultural experience with students. They encourage students to experience life as a member of the family and often include students in family related activities.

Host families are located conveniently close to the student’s chosen school and students can look forward to a warm welcome and a supportive, friendly home while they adjust to Australian culture and get to know the community they will be living in.

The homestay option is only available to students in Year 8 and above, and is only available in the metropolitan area.

Students can also live in Australia with a local guardian – a parent or a close relative over 21 years of age – nominated through the Department of Home Affairs.

If a student does not nominate a close relative to stay with, they are required to live in homestay accommodation organised by the Australian Homestay Network.