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Kimberley Regional meeting - May 2012

Start date: 1 May 2012 - 12:00 AM

End date: 31 May 2012 - 7:29 PM

Location: Kimberley Region

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The Rural and Remote Education Advisory Council  (RREAC) held its regional meeting in the Kimberley Region in May 2012.  

RREAC developed an inclusive program and met with a range of relevant stakeholders involved in education and training.  These included the Regional Director, Kimberley Education Region;  Manager, Aboriginal Education;  the Wunan Foundation; Aboriginal Independent Community Schools Advisor for Kimberley and some Pilbara Schools, Education and Training Coordinator for Kimberley Land Council, Broome Senior High School, Broome Primary School, St Mary’s College, Notre Dame University, Kimberley Institute and  the Shire of Broome. 

RREAC made a site visit to the Fitzroy Valley District High School.  The site hosts the Fitzroy Crossing Children and Family Centre which offers an integrated mix of childcare, playgroup child-health and maternal health from facilities that are located on/adjacent to the school site.  This was established as part of the Indigenous Early Childhood Development National Plan.  

The purpose of meeting with selected stakeholders in the Kimberley Region was to reinforce the work RREAC completed on early childhood education and care, the delivery and access to higher education and the future uses of technology in the delivery of education.  This meeting ensured that council members were attuned to the many issues and challenges facing regional and remote students, staff, families and communities, and the strategies employed to overcome disadvantage and maximise outcomes.​


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