The challenge

The challenge

Information about the challenge

About the challenge

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is a literacy engagement program established in 2022 to: 

  • encourage students to read more books and enjoy reading
  • improve literacy levels.
Benefits of the challenge

The challenge will:

  • raise the profile of reading and literacy in schools
  • give students a focus for their reading
  • encourage students to enjoy reading and read more books
  • encourage students to participate by being challenged
  • offer incentives and prizes for readers
  • build self-esteem, pride, school unity and a sense of achievement among students
  • increase the involvement of parents in their child’s reading
  • increase the number of library books borrowed
  • contribute to increased literacy levels.

Challenge guidelines

Challenge guidelines

You can read books from any year level on the booklist. We understand everyone’s reading abilities are different and we encourage you to give it a go. You can read a graphic novel, listen to an audiobook or take part in group reading sessions.

If you’re a staff member, you may need to help students who would benefit from reading books from another year level. Keep in mind that some books from older year levels may not be appropriate for your younger students.

This challenge is open to each and every student in Western Australia.

Book titles can include Braille texts, talking books, eBooks and books on tape. We have partnered with the State Library of Western Australia to make sure books on the booklist are available in most formats.

Once you have created an account for the Premier's Reading Challenge, a reader will be able to add book titles in different formats.

We celebrate living in a multicultural society and encourage you to read books in your own language. You will need to log these books in English – your teacher or school challenge champion can help you with this.