About us

About us

We have a long history of providing high quality care for students from the Wheatbelt region.

Established during World War 2, the residential college was the first government boarding hostel in Western Australia. Well known for creating a caring environment, we provide delicious and healthy food, organise fun activities for students, and communicate well with parents.


We currently have 37 students boarding at Merredin Residential College. Most are from farming communities in the Wheatbelt. Being from small communities, they enjoy living in a country town with a welcoming community and strong country values, as well as the amenities of a regional centre.

Whilst at the college, student from Years 7 to 12 attend Merredin College.

At weekends and mid-week, quite a few of the students visit home. Boarding in Merredin, rather than in Perth, makes it easier for parents to organise visits. They can pick them up from school or from train stations along the train line from Perth to Kalgoorlie. With no leave restrictions on students, your child can come home whenever you choose.


The College is led by Elizabeth Moody, the College Manager. Lizz has worked at the College as a supervisor and manager for 10 years. Lizz has three children and 11 grandchildren. She finds great satisfaction in her work at the College – especially helping young students become confident, mature and independent young adults. She is dedicated to providing the best possible boarding experience to young people in the Merredin region

The College has four supervisors who are experienced in providing support and supervision to students. A male and a female supervisor are present at all times.

The supervisors are well respected by students and parents.They establish strong relationships with students and provide as much support as possible to parents to help them parent from afar. We send regularly newsletters, call parents twice a term and have an electronic REACH program for parents to communicate with their children. 

We also have an Administration and Finance Manager, cooks, cleaners/launders, and a grounds person.

Merredin College

Merredin College is a comprehensive school that provides educational programs from Kindergarten to Year 12. It has approximately 600 students and is very welcoming to regional students.

Your child has access to innovative, flexible pathways for learning with a wide range of academic and vocations subjects. In Years 7 to 10, a challenging program is provided in the core areas. In Years 11 and 12, students select from a range of courses that lead to university, TAFE or employment.

Find out more by visiting the school’s website.


Merredin is a small community with a population of over 3600. It is located 268km east of Perth in a pastoral and farming district. It is a regional centre with Merredin College (Kindergarten to Year 12), pharmacy, dentist, doctors and district hospital. Merredin also offers fantastic sporting facilities with a wide range of sports available to all students.

The College maintains close ties with the community. A key way we do this is through our Local Input Networking and Communications (LINC) committee. The committee includes representatives from the committee and provides advice and support to the College Manager and staff.