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Staff Induction Procedures


These procedures must be read in conjunction with the Staff Induction Policy.

2. Scope

These procedures apply to all employees.

3. Procedures

3.1 Responsibilities of principals and line managers

Principals and line managers will provide induction for employees:

  • newly appointed to the Department (permanent, fixed-term, casual or relief);
  • appointed to a different role (temporarily or permanently);
  • appointed or transferred to a different work location or context;
  • assigned duties not previously undertaken; and
  • returning from a period of extended absence such as secondment or leave.

Principals and line managers will confirm:

  • relevant mandatory induction is provided in accordance with the applicable employment award and/or agreement (staff only) and Appendix A: Mandatory Induction and Training Programs;
  • employees understand the requirement to uphold high standards of conduct, and accountable and ethical behaviour as outlined in Commissioner’s Instruction No. 7: Code of Ethics, the Department’s Code of Conduct, Standards (staff only) and Staff Conduct and Discipline Policy;
  • employees are familiarised with their position requirements, responsibilities and work context;
  • online instruction, as required by the Department, occurs within paid work hours and access to computers is provided;
  • employees are informed of relevant legislation and Department policies applicable to their roles and responsibilities; and
  • records of induction are kept.


Principals and line managers should encourage employees to complete the Online Workforce Induction (staff only).

The Online Workforce Induction provides information about the Department’s strategic directions and values; employment conditions; professional and personal benefits; policies and procedures; professional learning and mandatory training requirements.  In addition to an all staff induction, it includes specific sections for a range of employee groups such as education assistants, Aboriginal and Islander education officers, central office staff, gardeners, cleaners and teachers.

Principals and line managers should inform new employees of the Department’s performance management practices as part of their induction into the work area.

Professional learning programs and resources supporting staff induction are available on the policies website and Ikon via the following links:

See also Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership’s Graduate to Proficient: Australian Guidelines for teacher induction into the profession.

The Public Sector Commission provides an Induction to the Western Australian public sector.

For current employees undertaking induction related to a new role, responsibilities and/or work context, it is important that principals and line managers ensure employees undertake relevant professional learning and/or training related to any new responsibilities.

For example, the Vehicle Management Policy and Procedures require principals and line managers to confirm employees have completed an accredited 4WD course prior to driving a Department owned or leased 4WD in remote locations or on unsealed roads.

The Staff Induction Checklist at Appendix B provides guidance to assist with worksite induction.

3.2 Responsibility of the employee

All employees will:

  • participate in induction organised by principals and line managers;
  • undertake relevant professional learning and/or training related to a new role, responsibilities and/or work context;
  • complete relevant mandatory induction and training programs and periodic revisions where required; and
  • declare any conflicts of interest.


It is important that all new employees participate in induction organised by their principal or line manager in order to understand the Department’s systems, relevant policies and procedures, expectations related to their role, their responsibilities and work context.

Existing employees are also required to undertake relevant professional learning and/or training when they move to a different role within the Department, their responsibilities change or they move to a new worksite.

See Appendix A: Mandatory Induction and Training Programs.

Employees declare any conflicts of interest (staff only) upon commencing their role with the Department or when their circumstances change.  A conflict of interest is a situation arising from conflict between the performance of public duty and private or personal interests. Conflicts of interest may be actual, or be perceived to exist, or potentially exist at some time in the future.

The mandatory Accountable and Ethical Decision Making training (staff only) provides information and instructions on how to identify, register and manage conflicts of interest.

4. Definitions

A person employed under the School Education Act 1999 or the Public Sector Management Act 1994.

The formal process of familiarising employees with their roles, responsibilities, entitlements and applicable workplace and organisational policies, resources and support services.

5. Related documents

Australian Workers' Union (Western Australian Public Sector) General Agreement 2019 (staff only)

Children and Community Services Act 2004

Cleaners and Caretakers (Government) Award 1975 (staff only)

Commissioner’s Instruction No. 7 – Code of Ethics

Commissioner’s Instruction No.8 – Codes of conduct and integrity training

Commissioner’s Instruction No.29 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness

Department of Education (School Support Officers) CSA Agreement 2021 (staff only)

Department of Education (Residential College Supervisors) CSA Agreement 2021 (staff only)

Education Assistants (Government) General Agreement 2019 (staff only)

Education Department Ministerial Officers’ Salaries Allowances and Conditions Award 1983 (staff only)

Equal Opportunity Act 1984

Freedom of Information Act 1992

Gardeners (Government) Award 1986 (staff only)

Government Officers’ Salaries Allowances and Conditions 1989 (staff only)

Government Services (Miscellaneous) General Agreement 2021 (staff only)

Industrial Relations Act 1979

Miscellaneous Government Conditions and Allowances Award 1992 (staff only)

Public Sector CSA Agreement 2021 (staff only)

Public Sector Management Act 1994

Public Sector Reform Act 2010

Public Service Award 1992 (staff only)

School Education Act 1999

School Education Regulations 2000

State Records Act 2000

State Research Stations, Agricultural Schools and College Workers Award 1971 (staff only)

Teachers’ Aides Award 1979 (staff only)

Teachers (Public Sector Primary and Secondary Education) Award 1993 (staff only)

Technical Officer – Agricultural Instruction Staff Agreement 1997 (staff only)

The School Education Act Employees’ (Teachers and Administrators) General Agreement 2021 (staff only)

Work Health and Safety Act 2020

6. Contact information

Policy manager:

Director, Workforce Policy and Coordination

Policy contact officer:

Manager, Workforce Policy

T: (08) 9264 5040

7. History of changes

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9. More information

This procedure:

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Please ensure you also download the policy supported by this procedure.

Supported policy:

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11 December 2021

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