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Official Travel Policy


1. Policy statement

Department of Education employees will only undertake travel where necessary to enable the effective implementation of core functions.

2. Policy rules

Employees must:

  • manage all official travel requirements in accordance with:
    • Official Air Travel Procedures;
    • Domestic Travelling Allowance and Expense Procedures;
    • International Travelling Allowance and Expense Procedures;
  • comply with the Premier’s Circular – Guidelines for Official Air Travel By Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and Government Officers and
    • exercise the strictest economy and accountability in relation to domestic or overseas travel;
    • properly control and account for travel and travel expenditure, including appropriate justifications for the travel and adequate public disclosure of the full cost of travel undertaken by employees; and
    • declare and include in the travel proposal details of any leave that is taken before, during or after any official travel.  If the leave exceeds four working days in total, then only a one way fare is to be funded by the Department; and
  • comply with Treasurer’s Instruction (TI) 321 Credit Cards – Authorised Use relating to personal use of purchase cards while on official travel.


Refer to the Purchase Card Terms and Conditions (staff only) or more information.

3. Responsibility for implementation and compliance

Senior Executive Officers, Directors of Education, Principals, and Cost Centre Managers are responsible for the implementation of the policy.

The Director Financial Services is responsible for compliance monitoring.

4. Scope

This policy applies to all employees.


This policy does not apply to:

  • annual air travel entitlements, travel by cars (use of a department, school or private vehicle for official business), buses or trains; and
  • motor vehicle allowance claims.

6. Definitions

The senior officer with the authority to approve travel arrangements and expenditure for the employee.

Travel within Australia.

Travel within the state of Western Australia. Special conditions apply to travel across the tri-state border and the Indian Ocean Territories.

Travel between states and territories.

Travelling allowances received by staff members as per the relevant award when on official travel within Australia.

Travelling allowances received by staff as per the Australian Tax Office (ATO) Reasonable Amounts when on official travel outside Australia.

Is approved travel by staff members where public monies are used to fund all or part of the travel.

For the purpose of air travel booking, privately funded travel means the cost of travel is fully paid for by the traveller.

Sponsored Travel is any work related travel expense that has been fully or partially paid directly by a third party or for which you have been reimbursed directly by a third party.

If the travel provided is not work related, this would be considered a gift and employees should refer to the Gifts Benefits and Hospitality Policy.

7. Related documents

9. History of changes

Effective date Last update date Policy version no.
21 February 2017 21 February 2017 1.0
This new policy replaces the Official Air Travel, Domestic Travelling Allowance and International Travelling Allowance policies. Endorsed by the Director General at Corporate Executive on 28 November 2016.
21 February 2017 21 February 2017 1.1
Minor change to contact information D17/0075988.
21 February 2017 10 October 2018 1.2
Minor changes to update position titles and related policies D18/0437050.
21 February 2017 20 January 2021 1.3
Minor changes to replace the Regional Executive Director position title with Director of Education D20/0647278.
21 February 2017 16 August 2022 1.4
Minor changes resulting from major review of the Acceptance and Provision of Gifts Policy. D22/0246936
21 February 2017 31 August 2023 1.5
Minor update to Premier’s Circular 2021/02 - D23/1479579