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Student Mobile Phones in Public Schools Policy


1. Policy statement

The Department of Education does not permit student use of mobile phones in public schools unless for medical or teacher directed educational purpose.

2. Policy rules

Principals must:

  • implement a ban on the use of mobile phones for all students from the time they arrive to the conclusion of the school day (“off and away all day”) unless the student has been granted an exemption for the following uses of mobile phones:
    • to monitor a health condition as part of a school approved documented health care plan; or
    • for a particular educational purpose under the direct instruction of a teacher; or
    • with permission of a teacher for a specified purpose.
  • implement the following rules for students in different year levels:
    • students from Kindergarten to Year 6 are not permitted to have mobile phones in their possession during the school day; and
    • students from Year 7 to 12 are permitted to be in possession of their mobile phone during the school day, however, mobile phones must be turned off and neither seen nor heard;
  • require students to put their smart watches in ‘aeroplane mode’ so phone calls and messages cannot be sent or received during the school day;
  • determine an appropriate storage approach for mobile phones for students from Kindergarten to Year 6; and
  • manage breaches of this policy in accordance with the Student Behaviour in Public Schools Policy and Procedures.


For the purposes of this policy, ‘mobile phones’ includes smart watches, other electronic communication devices, and associated listening accessories, such as, but not limited to, headphones and ear buds.

“Off and away all day” includes before school and at break times.

Schools may choose, in consultation with the school community, to maintain or introduce a mobile phone policy that imposes further restrictions than those set out in this policy e.g. Year 7 to 12 students are not permitted to have mobile phones in their possession during the school day. 

All communication between parents and students, during school hours, should occur via the school’s administration.

In instances of students fighting and videoing fights see - CEO Directive: Required action to be taken with students fighting or publishing videos of fighting

For multiple offences  of non-compliance with this policy, student phones may require collection by a parent/carer or loss of good standing.

3. Responsibility for implementation and compliance

Implementation of the policy is the responsibility of principals.

Compliance monitoring is the responsibility of line managers.

4. Scope

This policy applies to all principals of public schools.

6. Contact information

Policy manager:

Manager, Projects and Initiatives

Policy contact officer:

Principal Advisor 

T: (08) 9264 4382

7. History of changes

Effective date Last update date Policy version no.
3 February 2020 3 February 2020 1.0
This new Student Mobile Phones in Public Schools Policy was endorsed by the Director General on 29 October 2019. D19/0496266
3 February 2020 18 August 2022 1.1
Change of Contact Details - Approval D22/0629766
3 February 2020 24 August 2022 1.2
Minor change to contact information D22/0644602
6 December 2023 2.0
Major Review conducted and no changes required, signed by Director General on 27 October 2023 D23/1261889

8. More information

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Policy review date

6 December 2026