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Leave Management Procedures


These procedures must be read in conjunction with the Leave Management Policy.

2. Scope

These procedures apply to all employees.

3. Procedures

3.1 Responsibilities of principals and line managers

Principals and line managers will:

  • monitor and manage leave entitlements, including leave liability and unexplained and unauthorised absences from the workplace;
  • direct the clearance of accrued long service leave or other excessive outstanding leave where intervention is necessary; and
  • authorise leave applied for, using the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) (staff only) Self Service or leave application forms.


The requirement to monitor and manage staff leave entitlements effectively is stated in Job Description Forms for all line management positions. Principals and line managers should have leave management incorporated into workforce plans.

Principals and line managers can delegate their authority to approve staff leave using the ‘Alternate User’ function on HRMIS (staff only) and leave application forms.

Principals and line managers are responsible for approval of leave and leave processing.

Accountability for the effective management of leave liability is demonstrated through the performance management process. This is explicit in the Principals’ Statement of Expectations Appendix C of the Employee Performance policy and procedures and should be addressed in the Independent Public Schools Delivery and Performance Agreement.

IKON (staff only) provides information on leave and processing requirements and information on leave liability.

Principals and line managers should monitor sick leave to identify and address patterns of sick leave or long-term chronic illness.  Refer to the Retirement on the Grounds of Ill Health Guidelines.  

Principals and line managers or their designated officers (eg. Managers Corporate Services, School Officers or Personal Assistants) should record unplanned or planned leave of all staff, including school leaders. These absences should be entered into HRMIS (staff only) and verified through the On-line Payroll Certification Report every fortnight.

Principals and line managers should advise employees of their responsibilities to submit planned and unplanned leave in a timely way. It is recommended that employees submit their planned leave prior taking the leave and unplanned leave immediately on their return to work. Should this not occur, leave may be processed on HRMIS (staff only) entering Absent Without Leave.

All unexplained and unauthorised absences from the workplace are dealt with under the absent without leave (AWOL) process (staff only).

Information relating to family and domestic violence leave entitlements is available in the Family and Domestic Violence Leave Guidelines.

Information relating to cultural leave entitlements under industrial Awards and Agreements, is available here (staff only).

3.2 Responsibilities of employees

Employees will:

  • verify leave entitlements are available prior to submitting leave applications;
  • apply for all leave, in advance where possible, through their principal or line manager and allow reasonable time for approval;
  • promptly submit leave applications following unplanned leave;
  • obtain principal or line manager approval for cancelling or varying approved leave; and
  • clear accrued leave entitlements in accordance with Department requirements (staff only).


Employees should apply for leave on HRMIS (staff only). Leave entitlements, pay advices and leave records may be accessed on HRMIS (staff only).  Further information related to leave is available on IKON (staff only).

In some situations a hard-copy leave application form may be required. This can be accessed via IKON (staff only). 

4. Definitions

A person employed under the School Education Act 1999 or the Public Sector Management Act 1994.

5. Related documents

Australian Workers’ Union (Western Australian Public Sector) General Agreement 2019 (staff only)

Cleaners and Caretakers (Government) Award 1975 (staff only)

Country High School Hostels Award 1979 (staff only)

Country High School Hostels Authority Residential College Supervisory Staff Award 2005 (staff only)

Country High Schools Hostels Authority Administration Officers Agency Specific Agreement 2007 (staff only)

Department of Education (Residential College Supervisors) CSA General Agreement 2017 (staff only)

Department of Education (School Support Officers) CSA General Agreement 2019 (staff only)

District Allowance (Government Wages Employees) General Agreement 2010 (staff only)

Education Assistants’ (Government) General Agreement 2019 (staff only)

Education Department Ministerial Officers’ Salaries Allowances and Conditions Award 1983 (staff only)

Gardeners (Government) 1986 Award (staff only)

Government Officers Salaries, Allowances and Conditions Award 1989 (staff only)

Government Schools (Agricultural Colleges and Schools) Residential Supervisors’ Agreement 2009 (staff only)

Government Services (Miscellaneous) General Agreement 2019 (staff only)

Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993 (WA)

Miscellaneous Government Conditions and Allowances Award 1992 (staff only)

Public Sector Management Act 1994 (WA)

Public Sector CSA Agreement 2019 (staff only)

Public Service Award 1992 (staff only)

School Education Act 1999 (WA)

State Research Stations, Agricultural Schools and College Workers Award 1971 (staff only)

Teachers (Public Sector Primary and Secondary Education) Award 1993 (staff only)

Teachers’ Aides’ Award 1979 (staff only)

Technical Officer – Agricultural Instruction Staff Agreement 1997 (staff only)

The School Education Act Employees’ (Teachers and Administrators) General Agreement 2019 (staff only)

6. Contact information

Policy manager:

Director, Workforce Policy and Coordination                    

Policy contact officer:

Manager, Workforce Policy

T: (08) 9264 5081

Leave eligibility and processing inquiries:          

Payroll Services Support

T: (08) 9264 8383

Award and Agreement inquiries:         

Industrial Relations Support

T: (08) 9264 4921


7. History of changes

Effective date Last update date Procedure version no.
2 September 2010 1.0
Updated reference to School Education Act Employees’ (Teachers and Administrators) General Agreement.
2 September 2010 11 July 2013 1.1
Amendment to references to documents as per D13/0222254.
2 September 2010 23 August 2013 1.1
Amendment to 4.2 guidelines as per D13/0354005.
12 May 2015 2.0
Major review. Policy endorsed by Corporate Executive 1 April 2015.
12 May 2015 15 September 2016 2.1
Additional guidance under 3.1 as per D16/0602387.
11 December 2018 3.0
Major review undertaken. Endorsed by Director General at Corporate Executive on 31 October 2018.
11 December 2018 15 July 2020 3.1
Minor changes to broken links and updates to contact information D20/0355930.

8. More information

This procedure:

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Please ensure you also download the policy supported by this procedure.

Supported policy:

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Procedure review date

11 December 2021

Procedure last updated

15 July 2020