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Enrolment in Public Schools Policy


1. Policy statement

Enrolment decisions in public schools are made according to criteria based on age, usual place of residence, citizenship and visa status, and educational needs.

2. Policy rules

Principals will:

  • communicate relevant and accurate enrolment information to parents and prospective applicants;
  • manage enrolment of students in schools in a transparent manner without discrimination or prejudice;
  • approve the enrolment application prior to offering a place and finalising an enrolment with parents;
  • manage enrolment of students and enrolment disputes in accordance with the Enrolment in Public Schools Procedures; and
  • plan the accommodation at the school to be available for the enrolment of eligible current and future students.


All children in Western Australia are entitled to enrol in a public school.

Principals are expected to provide parents with assistance and support so they can engage with a school and enrol their child. 

3. Responsibility for implementation and compliance

Implementation of the policy is the responsibility of the principal.

Compliance monitoring is the responsibility of line managers.

4. Scope

This policy applies to all principals.

6. Related documents

7. Contact information

Policy manager:

Director, Public Schools Planning

Policy contact officer:

Manager, Schooling Planning

T: (08) 9264 4318

(To be contacted for general Enrolment in Public Schools Policy and Enrolment in Public School Procedures enquiries).

For information on specific topics, please refer to the Contact Information in the Enrolment in Public School Procedures or contact the local education regional office.

8. History of changes

Effective date Last update date Policy version no.
15 March 2013 2.0
Policy has undergone major review. Policy and procedures endorsed by Corporate Executive 15 February 2013. Additional changes approved by Corporate Executive out-of-session D13/0123226.
15 March 2013 3 December 2013 2.0
Minor changes to links and contact information endorsed by Corporate Executive 20 September 2013.
15 March 2013 5 August 2014 2.1
Update contact information D14/0370243
15 March 2013 15 December 2014 2.2
Update contact information D14/0544453
15 March 2013 23 September 2015 2.3
Updated links D15/0388650
15 March 2013 3 October 2018 2.4
Minor changes contact information D18/0437111, reference to Public Schools D18/0151652 and updated legislation links D18/0207680.
15 March 2013 8 July 2020 2.5
Updated links and remove outdated references. Enrolment pack replaced by Ikon information. D20/0346799
15 March 2013 28 January 2021 2.6
Updated links D21/0043136
15 March 2013 18 October 2021 2.7
Minor changes to links under Related Documents D21/0579953
18 July 2022 3.0
The Enrolment Policy and Procedures have undergone a major review, endorsed by Director General on 3 March 2022 D22/0157409

Summary of changes to the Enrolment in Public Schools policy and procedures on Ikon (staff only)