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Alcohol on Public School Premises Procedures


These procedures must be read in conjunction with the Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Workplace Policy.

2. Scope

These procedures apply to all employees.

3. Procedures

3.1 Responsibilities of principals

Principals must grant permission for functions to be held on school premises at which alcohol is to be supplied or sold.

Principals must, in determining whether to grant permission:

  • confirm all requirements relating to the sale or supply of alcohol as detailed in the Liquor Control Act 1988 are met;
  • manage issues related to duty of care to students and staff, community standards and expectations, and the reputation of the school, when making decisions in relation to the use of alcohol on school premises; and
  • identify and assess risks associated with the supply or use of alcohol on school premises and consider measures to mitigate those risks.

When permission is granted for alcohol to be present or served, principals must confirm the following actions have been taken:

  • parents are informed of any school function at which alcohol will be served;
  • the area in which alcohol is to be supplied and consumed is a discrete area with controlled access;
  • students attending an activity elsewhere on school grounds are adequately supervised by staff who have not consumed alcohol;
  • alcohol is not sold or supplied to or for the consumption of students;
  • with the exception of post-compulsory hospitality training functions, a school function where alcohol will be available is not attended by any student unless they are accompanied by a parent; and
  • in the case of post-compulsory hospitality training functions:
  • only adults may serve alcohol;
  • the consent of parents of students aged less than 18 years is obtained before these students attend; and
  • all students present are closely supervised by staff.


In general, it is not appropriate to permit alcohol to be used on school premises, especially when students are present.  However, in specific circumstances, the availability and consumption of alcohol on school premises may be granted in accordance with these Procedures and need to be carefully managed.  Schools have a duty to provide appropriate supervision of students at all times and maintain the reputation of the school by preventing damage through inappropriate behaviour at social occasions.

If a principal is uncertain as to whether a license is required, advice should be sought from the Liquor Licensing Division of the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor.

See also Community Use Public School Facilities Policy.

4. Definitions

A person or persons with a legal responsibility for the care, welfare and development of the child, whether long term or day to day.

6. Contact information

Policy manager:

Director, Workforce Policy and Coordination

Policy contact officer:

Manager, Workforce Policy

T: (08) 9264 5040

7. History of changes

Effective date Last update date Procedure version no.
11 December 2018 1.0
These new procedures support the new Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Workplace policy that replaces the Alcohol on Public School Premises policy. Endorsed by the Director General at Corporate Executive on 31 October 2018.

8. More information

This procedure:

Download procedure PDFAlcohol on Public School Premises Procedures v1.0

Please ensure you also download the policy supported by this procedure.

Supported policy:

Download Policy PDFAlcohol and Other Drugs in the Workplace Policy

Procedure review date

11 September 2020