Boarding life

Boarding life

Stay in the Kimberley while you board and enjoy all that Broome has to offer.

Boarding at Broome Residential College gives your child access to a great education and Broome's fantastic lifestyle. There are sporting and recreational facilities, shops, the beach and a welcoming community. At the College your child develops many friendships and the skills to be independent and successful in their endeavours.


At Broome Residential College, your child’s education is a priority. As a boarding facility for both Broome Senior High School and St Mary’s College, the residential college offers a supportive environment for students while they pursue their secondary education away from home.

To help your child reach their academic potential we work closely with the schools to ensure your child is engaged in their learning. A compulsory Homework Club is held three days a week for an hour after school which is staffed by a school teacher as well as a boarding supervisor.

We also offer music tutoring and art classes and have a homework room complete with 10 computers for private study.



We genuinely care about your child’s social and emotional wellbeing. The College is your child’s home away from while they attend secondary school and we understand the important role we play in helping ensure they fell supported, secure and understood.

To help support the individual needs of each child and encourage the development of strong, real and meaningful relationships between supervisors and students, each supervisor has a small group of students on their pastoral care list, so students can go to them for one-on-one discussions and to share their experiences with them. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and those from diverse cultural backgrounds are supported through recognition and awareness of cultural differences.



Your child’s health is a priority at Broome Residential College. Students are supported to live a healthy lifestyle and we provide all daily food for students and ensure they have access to healthy food. We also aim to cook meals that cater to the cultural backgrounds of our students. Our meal plans are checked by dieticians and approved by Canteen Association of WA. Here is an example menu.

We provide opportunities to be active, belong to clubs, eat and sleep well and have access to any medical care they may need.


We understand that while students are here for their education, it is also our job to keep them enjoying life to its fullest while in Broome for their studies.

Our supervisors ensure a range of recreational, leisure and social activities are available to students. These include onsite games nights, discos, arts and craft classes, basketball competitions, activities in our fully equipped recreational hall and in-house movie nights.

We also take students out to many of Broome’s beautiful beaches to go swimming or fishing, to Broome’s cinema, and to events that come to Broome such as the rodeo, speedway, fairs and motor-cross. 

Many of our students are all ready talented musicians and this is encouraged by the use of our guitars both electric and acoustic, drums and other percussion. Students have a dedicated sound-proofed music room and full access to all microphones and PA systems.


Sometimes students feel homesick when they board away from home. This mostly happens when they first arrive and are settling in, or when something concerns them. Students are encouraged to speak with supervisors about their feelings or ring home for a chat. The supervisors also make an effort to help them make new friends and feel more at home.

If your child has something on their mind and they would like to speak to someone other than a supervisor or a parent/carer, they can seek support from:

  • Kids Helpline
  • School psychologist
  • School chaplain
  • School nurse.

If you or your child has any concerns about the residential college, it is a good idea to speak with the College Manager. If this does not resolve the matter, you can contact the Department of Education’s Manager, Residential Colleges on 9264 5432.