Teach in rural, regional and remote WA

Teach in rural, regional and remote WA

Many of our teachers have described working in a rural, regional or remote school as the highlight of their career.

They talk of the rewarding lifestyle, enhanced professional experiences and the opportunity to contribute to the wider community. Teachers in our rural, regional or remote schools may be eligible for additional support such as subsidised employee housing and transport assistance. 

Find out why Newman Senior High School's science teacher, Paul loves teaching in regional Western Australia.

Outside of Perth, schools located in large regional centres welcome around 1000 students every day. Other schools, located in rural or remote communities, educate smaller groups of students, some in multi age classes.

  • Rural schools are generally located in smaller towns in agricultural areas such as Merredin, Katanning or Dalwallinu. They may be primary schools, or district high schools catering for all students from kindergarten to Year 10.
  • Regional schools include those located in WA’s larger regional centres like Karratha, Esperance or Northam. These locations have primary schools, senior high schools and education support centres.
  • Our Remote Teaching Service is made up of 37 schools and school campuses in the Kimberley, Pilbara, Goldfields and Midwest regions. These remote schools may be located in Aboriginal communities or small towns. Depending on the location, and student population, there are opportunities for primary and secondary teachers.
  • Our Teacher Flying Squad fill short term, last minute vacancies all over WA with accommodation and travel included. These appointments are short term and are generally for periods of between four and ten weeks in a range of rural, regional and remote schools.

Teachers located at public schools in a very remote area (using the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Remoteness Structure) may be eligible to apply for the Commonwealth Government’s Remission of HELP debts for teachers in very remote areas initiative.

Use our benefits calculator to find out more about rural, regional and remote allowances.


There are many great job opportunities in education.

There are many great job opportunities in education.

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Remote Teaching Service

The Remote Teaching Service is made up of a dedicated group of more than 200 teachers living and working in 37 remote communities in Western Australia.

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Teacher housing and transport assistance

Subsidised employee housing is available for many teachers working in our rural, regional and remote schools.

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Teacher Flying Squad

Our Flying Squad teachers fill short term vacancies in rural, regional and remote schools at short notice. They are exceptional teachers who can adapt to new situations and are committed to improving outcomes for students.

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