Resources for Year 4 students

Resources for Year 4 students

Resources are available across all year levels and learning areas, to give children and young people the best opportunity to continue to learn at home.


  • ABC national TV service: opening night, 1956

    Has any form of mass media been as influential as television in establishing and reinforcing popular culture? Use the 'Things to think about' section as you watch.

  • Always, sometimes or never? Number

    A problem solving task involving reasoning about number properties including factors and multiples

  • Andy’s marbles

    A problem solving task exploring fractions of a collection of marbles

  • Animated card

    In this activity you will make an animated card using the Scratch programming blocks. You will use the three functions: selecting a background, make the character (sprite) say something, and moving the sprite. The tutorial will help you and your child learn how to do these tasks.

  • Beneath the Waves

    An interactive documentary exploring one of Australia's most unique, spectacular and mysterious marine environments: the Kimberley

  • Brush loads

    A problem solving task investigating the measurement of surface area of 3D objects using informal units

  • Bubbles

    Film: Gabby is walking on the beach and finds a bottle of bubbles - when she blows it she gets transported into fantasy. Writing idea: use for fantasy writing using a found object.

  • Carbon Cycle Sustainability

    People rely on plants to survive, and plants are affected by people. This unit shows some of the relationships that make up our earths ecosystem.

  • Catch A LoT (Years 3-5)

    This short film tells of two whalers. A father and son team who have differing opinions about their jobs. The film doesn't have any dialogue and uses body language to show feelings.

  • Caterpillar Shoes

    The short film Caterpillar Shoes is a story a hungry caterpillar and all he does all day is walk and eat and walk and eat.  On every pair of feet, a pair of tiny shoes he wears!

  • Celebrating language diversity

    These activities can be used by parents to learn along with your children and for teachers with your students. Whatever your age or ability you can have fun learning languages together!

  • Challenges and Choices - Resilience and Wellbeing - Year 4

    This focus area provides the explicit teaching of personal and social capabilities that foster resilience and wellbeing among Year 4 students.

  • Cockatoo care colouring

    A series of colouring in activity sheets that encourage further research of the three threatened species of black cockatoos endemic to South West WA.

  • Coordinate challenge

    A problem solving task involving finding simple grid references and identifying the properties of 2D shapes

  • Devices in your home

    This activity is designed for you and your children to explore some commonly used peripheral devices around your home. Investigate how these elements work together.

  • Dicey perimeter, dicey area

    A mathematical game involving the measurement of area of shapes drawn on grid paper

  • Difference Differently Level 1

    This resource helps children explore the challenges and opportunities created by diversity.


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