No Voice to Violence

No Voice to Violence

The No Voice to Violence campaign was launched on 1 September 2019. The campaign was informed by consultation with young people, parents and school staff.

It aims to raise awareness of the implications of watching, sharing and liking fight videos and encourages young people to change their online behaviour.

The campaign is part of an action plan to spark a conversation about violence in schools with community leaders and others to encourage a new attitude to violence.

Key messages:
  • Liking fights fuels violence
  • The bruises heal the pain stays
  • Watching fights encourages violence
  • What if it was your friend?
Target audience:
  • Secondary students in Years 7 to 10.
Campaign objectives:
  • Raise awareness of the impact of violence on young people.
  • Raise awareness that watching, sharing and/or liking contributes to the problem.
  • Advise young people of the alternative actions to take online.
  • Motivate parents to discuss the impact of school violence and online behaviour with their children and support their children’s good behaviour online.