Review of the Teacher Registration Act 2012


Section 130 of the Teacher Registration Act 2012 requires the responsible Minister to review the operation and effectiveness of the Act as soon as practicable after four years of its commencement.

The Minister for Education and Training, Sue Ellery MLC requested the Higher Education and Legislative Review Directorate to undertake the review assisted by a stakeholder reference group.

The Minister approved the following terms of reference:

Terms of reference

The review is to inquire into and report on:

  1. The operation and effectiveness of the Act.
  2. The effectiveness of the make-up and operations of the Board.
  3. The need for the continuation of the functions of the Board.
  4. The need for amendments to the Act to ensure:
    1. its provisions operate as intended;
    2. the purposes of the Act are achieved including:
      • a fair and efficient registration system that promotes a skilled teaching workforce;
      • a disciplinary scheme that operates fairly while making the protection of children, and their best interests more broadly, the paramount concern;
      • appropriate oversight by the State Administrative Tribunal;
      • adequate resources are available for the performance of the Board’s functions; and
    3. appropriate consistency with relevant national developments is promoted.

The review published an information paper in September 2017 calling for submissions.

Submissions closed 17 November 2017.

A report will be prepared for the Minister in 2018.