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What we do

A strong public education system is the cornerstone of a successful society.

We provide high quality education for children and young people throughout Western Australia, helping them reach their full potential.

We open our doors to all students. We provide programs for every student – for those who are academically gifted, students with special learning needs, those with a flair for the arts or a passion for sports, and students from vulnerable communities.

As the largest public sector employer in the State, our people are our most valuable asset. We value the wealth of knowledge and experience that people from different backgrounds bring to the workplace.

We work with parents, carers, families, agencies and organisations to prepare students with the skills, understandings and values to reach their academic potential and make a positive contribution to society.

Our strategic directions – success for all students, distinctive schools, high quality teaching and leadership, and a capable and responsive organisation – help us achieve our mission and goal for every child who attends a public school in Western Australia.